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Usenet + Free Extras:
1. Newshosting - $9.99
2. UseNetServer - $10.00

3. NewsDemon - $10.00

Usenet-Only Specials:
1. Easynews - $9.95
2. ThunderNews - $9.95
3. Astraweb - $11.00

Annual Usenet Offers:
1. Newshosting - $99
2. UseNetServer - $95
2. ThunderNews - $96

1. Easynews - 10 GB
2. Newshosting - 30 GB
3. UseNetServer - 10 GB

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Autopix Newsreader Review

Autopix Newsreader

- Specialized picture downloader
- Simple user interface
- UnRAR support - auto decoding
- Supports multiple news servers
- Autopix costs $20.00
- Last released in Jan. 2009

Free Trial
Free trial available
Autopix Newsreader

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AutoPix newsreader is an NNTP downloading program that specializes in downloading from the binary newsgroups. Setting up the newsreader is quick and easy. All you need to do is set up your news server name and subscribe to your newsgroups. AutoPix also supports multiple newsservers in case your provider is missing articles within a newsgroup. The software is good at downloading picture files from Usenet and options within the software will allow the user to determine where the files are saved. Built into the newsreader is a feature that prevents the user from downloading the same file as it has a duplicate image checker. The Spam Filter feature also filter out articles that do not carry binary picture files.

Unlike most traditional newsreaders that download headers, AutoPix Newsreader makes browsing the newsgroups easier to do because when you download a binary, the newsreader can automatically decode the file so you do not have to take the extra step of UnRARing the file. You just select what you want from the newsgroups and sit and wait as it downloads.

If you are interested in testing this newsreader, make sure you have a Binary Newsgroup server.

Operating systems support:
- Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Free trial:
- Free trial available

- Autopix newsreader - $20.00 (includes upgrades)
- Note: the last release was in January 2009

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