BinTube Newsreader Review

BinTube newsreader highlights:

  • Preview while downloading
  • One-Click NZB Downloads
  • Works with any Usenet Service
  • Automatic File Extraction & Repair
  • Adware / Spyware Free
  • Free BinTube Trial Download


BinTube is a next generation Usenet reader with some very cool features. Sure BinTube downloads files, repairs them and extracts the results like other top newsreader clients. Where it goes beyond the competition is in BinTube media players ability to access content.

Imagine searching newsgroups and then previewing while it downloads. Impossible right? Not anymore. The folks at BinTube have come up with a newsreader that will let you watch and listen to media files while they download.

BinTube isn’t the first newsgroup client to offer an interface for playing media files but their features are great. When downloading images from newsgroups you can automatically view image slideshows with panning and zoom capabilities.

Bintube’s interface is easy to use. No need to decode and extract files. In fact BinTube takes care of decoding, combining, extracting and repairing files. Just sit back and enjoy. They offer a free Usenet search engine where you can find files by name or browse groups.

The ability to watch while downloading will also allow you to preview quality without downloading an entire file. Think about all those times you went through the effort of downloading only to find the quality was poor. With BinTube you could find out up front and save time and bandwidth.

BinTube integrates with VideoLan – VLC Media Player to eliminate confusion over codecs. They are working on an MPlayer integration for future release.

BinTube supports one click downloading of NZB files. It also supports yEnc, UUEncoding and Base64 Encoding. The client is compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Windows Vista.

Bottom line – BinTube’s media player helps it stand out among the competition. If your looking for a good newsreader for accessing Usenet downloads while in progress then BinTube is a great choice. Download the free BinTube trial and see for yourself.

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