Mysterbin Review

Mysterbin highlights:

  • Search inside RAR’s and preview
  • Multiple search filter options
  • Consolidates similar search results
  • Supports wildcard searches*
  • 1,800 days of retention and growing
  • Use Mysterbin Beta free

Mysterbin features:

MysterBin is a easy to use binary newsgroup search engine. It allows you to search Usenet up to days of retention. That is more retention than most usenet providers current provide. Instead of returning the most results, MysterBin tries to return results that are more relevant to what you are searching for. It has several options to help you refine your search to help you return better search results. This powerful Usenet search engine even allows you to review inside RAR archives. Not to be confused for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you will need to download from Usenet. Mysterbin will constantly improve and add features to the service – it also offers API access so that developers can contribute.

Search statistics:

  • Search up to days and growing
  • Can display thousands of results by file type and size

Search options:

  • Search by subject
  • Search by file type
  • Search by file size
  • Accuracy meter – to tune the match accuracy

Filter results by:

  • Filter out certain file sizes – large or small
  • Limit search to results with .NFO files only
  • Limit search to only complete files or different completion
  • Limit search to certain groups
  • Skip passworded archives

How to Use Mysterbin:

Mysterbin is very easy to use. You can just search for the topic of your interest. After receiving the search results, select the results you want and click “selection > NZB.” This will open a window asking you to open the file with your newsreader or to save the NZB to your computer. Opening the file on your newsreader (must support NZB’s) will automatically open the NZB and download the article set.

Mysterbin free access:

Since it is currently in Beta, any suggestions or feedback you have to offer will only help improve the service.

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