Easynews Review 2024

Retention5,600 days
ServersUS & Europe
Usenet browserWeb downloads
Search engineBuilt-in w/previews
VPN ServiceFree zero-log VPN
Price$5.99/mo (3 FREE months)
Discount Save 80% now!

Easynews offers a unique advantage over other services, web Usenet access. Beginners will appreciate how simple it is to use the web interface. Otherwise you would need to choose a Usenet provider, find and configure a newsreader and gather file utilities to get started. For novice and advanced users the web interface offers quick access to content without any need for an NZB site or headers. Download from your favorite web browser or mobile device.

You can get started with Easynews 7 day free trial. It is a great way to test the web interface and NNTP access free of charge. I think you’ll be quite impressed with the web interface after a few days of use.

Easynews pricing

Easynews offers a wide range of Usenet plans based on your needs:

  • Easynews Annual: Unlimited web downloads + search + VPN + 3 months free – $5.99/mo.
  • Easynews Monthly – Unlimited web downloads + search + VPN – $9.99/mo.

Also, Easynews offers loyalty gigs, which increases download limits. Customers earn additional gigs for every year of continued subscription.

  • Classic plan earns 1 GB loyalty per year
  • Plus plan earns 2 GB loyalty per year
  • Big Gig plan earns 12 GB loyalty each year.
  • Subscribers can also expect some bonus gigs during the holiday season.

We recommend you start with an Easynews Classic account. Then if you enjoy the web client and want more monthly bandwidth you can always upgrade to a larger plan. Depending on your usage those rollover gigs can accumulate fast.

The unlimited NNTP account is great for those who download a lot and are comfortable using a newsreader. For $9.99 a month you can use the web interface to download up to 120 GB a month and enjoy unlimited NNTP access via your favorite Usenet client. For the best value by far, we recommend you sign up for their annual account. Not only will you save money, the membership comes with unlimited web search, downloads, and NNTP access for just $5.99 a month. Even better, the annual plan comes with no-log VPN access and 3 extra months for free.

With Easynews you pay as you go and can cancel anytime. They offer several methods of payment including credit card, cash, and mail-in options. There is also a no-risk money back guarantee for all new subscribers.

Let’s dive right into the Easynews web interface. The web interface offers everything you need to find, download and access files directly. It starts with the Global Search feature. Here you can search for content across newsgroups. Filter by file type, date, quality and more. View image thumbnails. If the content selection includes multiple files you can roll them into a zip file. The Zip Manager can also be used to queue up files for download while you move on to something else.

Easynews has a very useful auto unRAR and auto Par feature that works in the background. When RAR files are posted to Usenet, you can download some or all of their content without needing WinRAR or similar utility. The Auto Par feature automatically applies PAR files when available. This means that Easynews will fix errors and missing parts using the PAR files.

Members of Easynews have access to 5,600+ days of NNTP binary retention and web retention. The completion rate  is over 99% which means the quality is very good. The NNTP / web interface combination is an advantage over other Usenet providers. This gives you the ease of browsing and downloading via the web interface with the assurance that the oldest content is available via NNTP.

Easynews NNTP access is very fast. We nearly max out our cable connection. The web client performs well with speeds that are good for directly accessing files. The Easyboost web accelerator is great for maximizing performance. In testing, the Boost 4 method nearly doubled our download speed.

Those who use the web interface will simply log into the Easynews website to access the service. If you want to use their NNTP service with SABnzbd of another Usenet client then you will need the following new server information.

United States NNTP server address:

  • Hostname (Non-SSL): news.us.easynews.com
  • Non-SSL ports: 21, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 119, 8000 and 8080
  • Hostname (SSL): secure-us.news.easynews.com
  • SSL ports: 21, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 443, 563, 8000, and 8080

European NNTP server address:

  • Hostname (Non-SSL): news.eu.easynews.com
  • Non-SSL ports: 21, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 119, 8000 and 8080
  • Hostname (SSL): secure-eu.news.easynews.com
  • SSL ports: 21, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 443, 563, 8000, and 8080

Have you transitioned to IPv6? If so Easynews has you covered. They are one of the only Usenet providers that offer IPv6 servers.

Easynews IPv6 NNTP server address:

  • US Non-SSL: news6.us.easynews.com
  • US SSL: secure6.news.us.easynews.com
  • European Non-SSL: news6.eu.easynews.com
  • European SSL: secure6.news.eu.easynews.com

Easynews offers unlimited NNTP access and between 120 and unlimited web downloads a month depending on the plan you choose. Both web plans include free bandwidth bonuses. They discount NNTP downloads 25% for encoding overhead and headers are free. Even better, any unused gigs are rolled over for future use.

Easynews takes member privacy serious. From their secure web interface to SSL connections for NNTP users, Easynews has your Usenet needs covered. In addition, you will receive free unlimited VPN access. Easynews has partnered with PrivadoVPN to offer zero-log VPN. This takes the privacy protection to a new level. You can connect to PrivadoVPN servers around the world to protect your online privacy while at home and traveling. They have desktop and mobile apps for your favorite devices.

PrivadoVPN for Easynews

The Easynews service does not monitor or log downloads. They also remove X-headers from all posts to allow for anonymous posting. SSL encryption is free to all members. Alternate ports are also available. Privacy conscious users will also appreciate the zero-log VPN access. It is included with both the monthly and annual promotion.

Bottom line – Easynews does a great job of leveraging the advantages of their web Usenet interface. It sets them apart from other leading Usenet providers and gives beginners an easy way to get started. We suggest you sign up for our exclusive deal and experience the web client for yourself.

Easynews deal

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easynews-review ProviderEasynewsRetention5,600 daysServersUS & EuropeUsenet browserWeb downloadsSearch engineBuilt-in w/previewsVPN ServiceFree zero-log VPNPrice$5.99/mo (3 FREE months)Discount Save 80% now! Easynews offers a unique advantage over other services, web Usenet access. Beginners will appreciate how simple it is to use the web interface. Otherwise you would need to...