Best NZB Sites and Usenet Search Engines of 2024

When it comes to NZB sites, the times have changed quite a bit since the days of using Newzbin and NZBMatrix. Back then users relied on popular NZB sites to manually pull NZB files. Today the process is far more automated. You simply set up a client like SABnzbd or NZBGet to connect to your favorite NZB site via API to pull your favorite content.

The best NZB sites integrate with SABnzbd, Sonarr, Sickbeard, CouchPotato, etc. and give you plenty of API calls. You will notice that most the sites use Newznab. What does that mean? It has to do with the code behind the scenes. The most popular platforms include Newznab and nZEDb. You will also see a few custom interfaces and Vbulletin sites. We considered the popularity of the site (Alexa ranking), free limits, cost, and VIP API calls to determine the best NZB sites. Regardless of which site you choose, you will still need a Usenet provider to download the content referenced in the NZB file. We use Newshosting and recommend the service to everyone looking for fast, reliable Usenet access.

NGR Tip: We recommend Easynews for complete all-in-one Usenet access. It does not require access to NZB or indexing sites and includes everything you need for your Usenet setup:

  • Unlimited high-speed Usenet access
  • The best retention rates (access to the most Usenet posts)
  • A Usenet search interface with the fastest, most accurate search results
  • Built-in search previews

No newsreader software, NZBs or Usenet search engines are needed. Setup is instant (no configuration necessary) and Easynews can be access from all your devices, including mobile.

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Along with free Usenet search engines, there are a few premium options that give you access to more retention. There are other advantages to using any of the newsreaders listed below. You can search for content, preview, and download from within the client. In the case of Easynews, you can do all three without leaving your web browser.

Best Premium Usenet Search Engines

1Easynews5,600 daysCheckCheck
2Newshosting5,600 daysCheckCheck
3Tweaknews4,500 daysCheckCheck

Reviews of the Best Premium Usenet Search Engines

1. Easynews has a web interface. Find, preview, and download newsgroup content in your web browser.

Easynews search

Easynews ( is unique in the Usenet industry as they are the only provider to offer a full-featured web interface. It includes all the features that you will find in most newsreaders. This includes the ability to search for content, preview, and download from your favorite newsgroups. You can let Easynews do all the work for you. This is especially good for those new to Usenet. In the past, Easynews plans included a specific amount of usage which ranges from 20 GB up to 150 GB of downloads through the web interface each month. However, their latest promotion includes unlimited web and NNTP downloads along with VPN for just $5.99 a month.

2. The Newshosting client let’s you search, preview, and download all from one place.

Newshosting search

Newshosting ( is the top ranked Usenet provider on our site. A big part of the reason is their popular newsreader. The Newshosting Usenet browser gives you full access to newsgroups. This includes the ability to search for content, preview, and download. All from within the software interface. The built-in search engine will help you find the best that Usenet has to offer. It will also auto repair and extract your downloads. Enjoy all these benefits along with unlimited Usenet and VPN access from just $5.99 a month.

3. TweakNews members have access to UsenetWire with built-in Usenet search engine.

TweakNews search

TweakNews ( is a Dutch Usenet provider that offers a full package of Usenet and zero-log VPN service from just €7.50 a month. One of the best features is called UsenetWire and is a custom newsreader for TweakNews users. It’s similar in usage to the Newshosting client. The software will connect you to servers in the Netherlands to download from Usenet. Those outside Europe may see a little slow down but the service offers very high completion. Search, preview, and download your favorite Usenet content.

Best NZB Sites

RankNZB SiteInterfaceFreePriceVIP API
Editors ChoiceEasynewsWeb50 GB$7.50Unl.
2NZBPlanetNewznab5 NZBs£7-£155k-20k
4UsenetCrawlerNewznab5k API$1050k
5DogNZBCustom50 API$205k

Reviews of the Best NZB Sites

1. Easynews has the best Usenet search results and includes Usenet access.


Easynews ( has everything you need for complete Usenet access without the need for NZBs or software. This web-based Usenet service includes unlimited high speed Usenet access with the best file retention rates and largest database available. A search interface is built in that provides better results than any NZB site or Usenet search engine.

Easynews can be accessed from any mobile or desktop web browser.  The default search engine is as simple as running a Google search. An Advanced Search engine is also available for fully customizable search.  Search results from both search options include thumbnail previews, file details and options to either download the post or access the post from inside your browser window without any software needed.

2. Nzbplanet offers direct and API access to 1.3 million NZBs


Nzbplanet ( has nearly 107,000 members which is a testament to the quality of the site and the community around it. Members have access to 1.3 millions NZBs across 2,500 days of binary retention. Features include watchlists and a calendar page that tracks upcoming releases. You can sign up for a free account which gives you ad-supported access to the site and up to 5 NZB downloads a day. We recommend upgrading to VIP for a donation of £6 a year or £50 for life. This take away the limits and gives you 5k to 20k API hits.

3. NZBgeek members get API key for Sonarr, Sickbeard, SABnzbd, CouchPotato, etc


NZBgeek ( has a very friendly community of users and stands out as a place to hang out and get the most out of Usenet. The website is currently open to new members. You can register for a free account to get acquainted with the site. We recommend upgrading to Very Important Geek (VIG) as soon as you’re ready. The VIG status costs $12 a year and is well worth the donation. Not only will you get access to the VIG forums, but you will also have unlimited API access within your favorite Usenet tools.

4. Usenet Crawler was fully updated in 2017 for a fast, reliable Usenet experience.

Usenet Crawler

Usenet Crawler ( has had its ups and downs in terms of reliability. We’re happy to share that the hosting environment was fully updated in the summer of 2017. The site is no longer using virtual servers. In June it was announced that the site was running smooth and had enough extra resources to triple the user base. That should give Usenet Crawler members a nice boost as the site is performing very well. Free users get 5k API calls and 1k NZB downloads a day with just a few non-intrusive ads. We recommend upgrading to BFF (VIP) status which gives you 50k API calls and 5k NZB downloads a day. That’s five times the amount of regular users. They ask for a $20 donation to upgrade but you can select an amount between $10 and $50. The benefits of the BFF account are the same regardless of how much you choose to donate. Usenet Crawler keeps all the releases and keeps up with the retention of top Usenet providers which is well over 8 years of binaries.

5. DOGnzb is more expensive at $20 a year but the quality of the site makes it a top pick.


DOGnzb ( became one of the best known NZB sites after the days of Newzbin and NZBMatrix. The site is still very popular but lost some fans when they decided not to honor lifetime accounts for members who previously paid with the expectation of lifelong VIP access. The site also closes to new users at times but we’ve noticed more open registration periods. When you register an account with DOGnzb it will give you access to the website and up to 50 API calls a day. You will need to upgrade to VIP to continue using the service. VIP members get 5k API calls a day and other premium features for $20 a year, $50 for three years, or $75 for five years. You also pay an extra $10 to the third party payment processor which also includes the cost of a t-shirt.

6. GingaDaddy stands out as one of the only NZB sites to offer VIP members unlimited API calls


GingaDaddy ( gives user access to over 900k NZBs plus another 160k VIP NZBs. Free accounts are very limited, but for $15 to $17 a year you can gain VIP access. The exact price depends on whether you pay with cred card ($15), Bitcoin ($16), or Paypal ($17). Members with VIP status can use the API key in Sickbeard, CouchPotato, and Sonarr. Support for Couch Potato is coming soon. As you might expect, paid users also have access to a VIP forum and ad-free use of the site. Register for a free account to learn more about GingaDaddy.

The next option is to use a Usenet search engine. As the name suggests, these are more like Google but they specifically search newsgroups. They are constantly indexing Usenet groups for the latest content. All of the sites listed below are open to new users without registration and free to use.

Best Free Usenet Search Engines

RankNZB SiteRetentionNewsgroupsSSL
1Binsearch1,100 days3,000Check
2NZBFriends1,200 days2,000Check
3NZBIndex700 days888Check
4BinTube2,900 days2,000Check
5nzbID750 days1,158Check

Reviews of the Best Free Usenet Search Engines

1. Binsearch provides advanced search features and fast results. You can browse specific newsgroups.


Binsearch ( is our favorite Usenet search engine and the site we’ve turned to first over the years. The only limitation is the maximum age of post. Binsearch lets you search 1,100 days of binary retention. If the content you seek was posted in the last three years then you’re all set. If not you might want to check out some premium options. Visit the Binsearch site and enter a query for a simple search. You can also click on the advanced search link to set the age of post, sort order, file size, and even a specific newsgroup. You can also use the site to manually browse hundreds of newsgroups.

2. NZBFriends let’s you search 1,200+ days of retention across 2,000+ newsgroups.


NZBFriends ( will give you access to an extra 100 days of retention over Binsearch. You can search over 1,200 days of binary retention across 2,000+ newsgroups using the site. NZBFriends has indexed over 5 PB of data which gives you access to 7.5 million NZB files. You can connect to the site using SSL but we always recommend a VPN to protect your online privacy. The NZBFriends homepage is well designed. Immediately select among a list of popular keywords and view recently uploaded posts. You can also view the 20 most popular newsgroups and browse through them.

3. NZBIndex is a Dutch search engine with access to 700 days of binary retention.


NZBIndex ( is a Dutch search engine with the slogan “we index, you search” and that’s exactly what the site is designed to accomplish. The retention is a bit lower than the other sites in our list. You can search up to 700 days of binary retention across nearly 900 groups. The site has indexed over 28 PB of data. This gives users access to 690 million files in 91 million collections. Retention is higher when you browse some individual newsgroups. We saw several groups with over 1,700 days of posts.

Want more options? Here’s a full list of NZB sites sorted by Alexa ranking.

NZB SiteAlexaInterfaceRegisterFreeVIP API
Nzbplanet22,000NewznabOpen5 NZBs5k-20k
DogNZB33,000CustomOpen50 API5k
NZB.su35,000NewznabInvite5 NZBs5k
Usenet Crawler41,000NewznabInvite5k API50k
NZBGrabit53,000VbulletinOpen10 NZBsnone
Oznzb75,000NewznabClosed5 NZBs100-10k
NZB.is98,000nZEDbOpen5 NZBs1k
DrunkenSlug118,000nZEDbOpen5 NZBs1k-4k
GingaDaddy134,000CustomOpen3 NZBsUnl
NewzTown157,000NewznabOpen10 NZBs200-10k
NZBMovieSeeker201,000CustomOpen3 NZBsnone
NZB Finder205,000nZEDbOpen5 NZBs5k-unl
AltHub229,000NewznabInvite5k APIUnl
The Hive272,000VbulletinOpen1 NZB
NZBCat282,000nZEDbInvite100 API5k
Newz Complex298,000NewznabInvite15 NZBs1k
Nzbindex.in440,000NewznabOpen5 NZBs300-500
NzbNDX531,000NewznabOpen10 NZBs5k
Abnzb580,000NewznabOpen50 NZBs1k-2k
NzbTV.net751,000NewznabClosed10 NZBs
Miatrix756,000NewznabOpen2 NZBs400-2k
SimplyNZB858,000nZEDbInvite5 NZBs5k
NZB-Tortuga868,000NewznabOpen7 days6k-25k
NZBNoob892,000NewznabOpen5 NZBs2k-5k
News691,163,000NewznabOpen40 NZBs1k
NewznabOpen3 NZBsUnl
RedUsenet1,242,000CustomOpenUnl NZBsnone
Tabula Rosa1,359,000NNTmuxOpen10 NZBs2k-5k
Town Indexer2,646,000nZEDbInvite
NewznabOpen3 NZBsUnl
Headphones VIP3,358,000nZEDbOpen
NZBNation3,795,000CustomOpen15 NZBs
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