Usenet Specials : Discount Usenet Access

Below is a list of the best Usenet deals and promotions. The tables below summarize the price of each plan. Most Usenet services offer lower pricing based on term. Singing up for a year of Usenet access can save you a lot of money. All of our promotions include unlimited access. Click on any price below to learn more including a coupon code if necessary.

Best Usenet Deals

5,800 daysVisit Site
2Easynews$5.995,800 daysVisit Site
3UseNetServer$7.955,799 daysVisit Site
4Giganews$8.331,200 daysVisit Site
5Supernews$8.251,200 daysVisit Site

European (Dutch) Usenet Offers

1Eweka€7,005,797 daysVisit Site
2TweakNews€7,504,200 daysVisit Site
3Pure Usenet€6,634,100 daysVisit Site
4XLned€7,394,100 daysVisit Site
5XS News€8,201,800 daysVisit Site

Explanation of lifetime and term discount offers:

Monthly Recurring Usenet Specials – when you sign up for one of these deals the discount will recur for the life of the account. So for example instead of paying $17.95 a month for the UseNetServer High Speed Plus plan you only pay $10 a month for the life of your account.

Term Discounts – while we prefer monthly Usenet accounts you can save by purchasing up to a year of Usenet access in advance. These offers are also recurring so you can enjoy the same special price when it comes time to renew. The differnce being a longer commitment period.

Introductory Usenet Offers – be aware that a few Usenet providers also offer introductory discounts. Introductory offers are short term discounts. They give you an opportunity to try out a service at a discounted price for the first month or two. Afterwards the price normally increases to retail cost for the account. These offers are not as desirable as the monthly recurring or term deals. For that reason we typically don’t cover them.

We're here to help you find the best Usenet provider. Along with some great Usenet clients and search options.