Review highlights:

  • Search 750 days of binaries
  • Search subject, filename, etc.
  • Over 7 million files indexed
  • Options for search and sort
  • Search in specific newsgroups
  • Set file size limits for content

nzbID features: has a clean interface and is easy to use. Type in a keyword for your topic of interest and let the search engine do the rest. The advanced NZB search options help you to narrow the scope and filter results. nzbID has a dropdown for age that does to 750 days. They have over 7 million NZBs indexed.

NGR Tip: We recommend Easynews for complete all-in-one Usenet access. It does not require access to NZB or indexing sites and includes everything you need for your Usenet setup:

  • Unlimited high-speed Usenet access
  • The best retention rates (access to the most Usenet posts)
  • A Usenet search interface with the fastest, most accurate search results
  • Built-in search previews

No newsreader software, NZBs or Usenet search engines are needed. Setup is instant (no configuration necessary) and Easynews can be access from all your devices, including mobile.

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Not to be confused for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you will need to download from Usenet. nzbID will help you find your topic of interest across millions of newsgroup posts without having to resort to downloading headers. Along with the search function, you can also browse specific newsgroups.

Search statistics:

  • Search up to 750 days of binary retention

Search options:

  • Subject or filename
  • Author’s name or email

nzbID filter options:

  • Limit search to a newsgroup
  • Limit search to show up to a certain age of posts
  • Limit search to a file size parameters

How to use nzbID:

If you’ve ever used any other Usenet search engines then nzbID will be seem easy. Just type in your topic of interest and then click find. You can browse through the results and download the XML file for the NZB of your choosing. nzbID has partnered with GetNZB to use their service to download the resulting content of your search. If you already have a Usenet provider then just choose save NZB.

nzbID is free:

  • nzbID is free to everyone

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