NzbNation Review

NzbNation highlights:

  • Search by subject/name
  • Search by category
  • Details NZB, NFL, PAR’s
  • Search through NFO’s
  • Search/browser filters
  • NZB Nation is free

NzbNation features:

NzbNation allows you to easily navigate through the insane amount of content on Usenet without having to check every newsgroup. You can search through the hand-edited NZB files to see if it matches the subject of your interests. Search results will be very detailed so that you know the NZB is exactly what you are looking for. NzbNation makes using Usenet a breeze. We recommend the premium account access because it unleashes the full potential of the site. Free users get 25 days retention while premium users get 240 days of retention and access to all the features of the site. Not to be confused for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you will need to download from Usenet.

NGR Tip: We recommend Easynews for complete all-in-one Usenet access. It does not require access to NZB or indexing sites and includes everything you need for your Usenet setup:

  • Unlimited high-speed Usenet access
  • The best retention rates (access to the most Usenet posts)
  • A Usenet search interface with the fastest, most accurate search results
  • Built-in search previews

No newsreader software, NZBs or Usenet search engines are needed. Setup is instant (no configuration necessary) and Easynews can be access from all your devices, including mobile.

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Search statistics:

  • Free users search have 25 days of retention
  • Premium users have 240+ days of retention
  • Search through thousands of detailed NZB files

Search options:

  • Search for PAR and NFO files related to your topics of interests
  • Search by category
  • Search by Subject/name
  • Saved searches
  • Search by today’s posts

NZB Nation filter options:

  • Limit search to age of post
  • Limit search to file size
  • Limit search to comment count

How to use NzbNation:

We recommend upgrading to premium access to unlock all the features for NzbNation. To use the service, first register and then log into the site. Click on the search bar and type in your subject of interests. Then click on the NZB tab to display all the NZB results. If you are looking for a particular RAR file, NFO or Par file associated with the topic of your interests, click on the respective tab. Once you find what you are interested in, select the checkbox next to your displayed result and click create NZB at the top of the page. Once the NZB is created, save it onto your computer and open the NZB file with a newsreader that supports NZB’s.

NzbNation is free:

NzbNation is free to everyone. They also offer a premium account which gives you access to Special Members Only forum areas and opening up many other features such as- sending unlimited private messages, no advertisements, open up more search and user settings, and first access to new features that are added.

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