UseNetServer Review 2021

UseNetServer (UNS) is currently offering unlimited newsgroup access to NGR visitors from just $7.95 a month. A 60% discount off the normal price of $14.95/mo. for their UNS Hi-Speed Plus account. Couple this with days binary retention, 99%+ completion rate, free SSL and global search tool and you’ve got a very solid service at a great value.


Binary Retention – UseNetServer provides 4,000+ days of binary retention, 1,095 days text retention and over 85,000 newsgroups. UNS has released a new site design and retention announcement. They are currently spooling at over 4,000 days binary retention.

Speed – we tested using a UseNetServer Hi-Speed Plus account and maxed out a our 60 Mbps connection with SSL enabled. Connections ranged from 55-60 Mbps during header downloads. Binary file downloads ran consistently at around 60 Mbps. While we didn’t need it UNS also offers a routing tool to optimize connection speeds.

Connections – the UNS Hi-Speed Plus plan includes 20 connections versus the standard 10. If you want maximum speed the High-Speed Plus plan is well worth the difference in cost.

UNS Global Search – the UseNetServer global search tool provides a nice online interface for searching newsgroups. It offers a number of filters to narrow down search results. Our initial Ubuntu search netted 598 results. Narrowing the search to a specific newsgroup cut the results in half. We then used the global search tool to easily create the NZB file. This method will save you time over downloading headers.

UNS VPN Access – UNS now offer VPN service. You can add it to any account or enjoy free VPN with our annual special shown below. Either way you’ll gain access to 70 VPN servers in 17 countries around the world. They include free software for Windows and Mac. You can connect on up to two devices at a time. UNS doesn’t record, monitor or store logs of your VPN activity. They allow P2P traffic on their network.

Security / Privacy – UseNetServer offers free 256 bit SSL access to all customers. We always run secure and had no problems. Note – if you start out connecting to the server and then enable SSL make sure to change your server address to

Alternate Ports – UseNetServer supports alternate ports to avoid bandwidth throttling. For normal access you can use ports 119 (default), 23, 25, 1720, 3128 or 8080. For secure SSL access choose between port 443, 563 and 8080. This can make a huge speed difference with some ISP’s that limit traffic based on port.

Support – UNS offers 24/7 customer support via phone, email and chat. They have some of the best technical support in the industry. You can expect fast, knowledgeable responses to questions.

Retail Pricing – UseNetServer retail pricing is simple. They offer two unlimited download plans. The UNS Hi-Speed Plus plan which includes 20 connections for $17.95/mo. They also offer a monthly 10 connection plan for $14.95/mo. Both plans offer free SSL encryption.

UNS $10 a Month Lifetime Special – UseNetServer is currently offering their High-Speed Plus access to new customers for $10 a month for life. See their UseNetServer $10 deal page for for more details.

UNS $95 Annual Lifetime Special – UNS is also offering their High-Speed Plus access to new customers for $95.40 a year for life which works out to only $7.95 a month. UNS is currently including free VPN access with annual sign ups making their yearly plan one of the best values around. See our UseNetServer $95 deal page for for more details.

Bottom Line – UseNetServer has been around a long time. Their pricing and retention make the service an exceptional value. That along with their reliability and UNS global search feature helped them earn a 2021 NGR Editors Choice award. We highly recommend UseNetServer to anyone who enjoys downloading from Usenet.

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