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Newshosting Review 2017

Newshosting members have full access to their newsgroup client with built-in Usenet search engine. They also have a VPN client for those who want some extra privacy protection. We use and highly recommend both their Usenet and VPN. You can sign up using our discount to gain immediate access to their Usenet service for just $9.99 a month or $99 a year. Annual sign ups come with free VPN access which makes Newshosting an even better value.

Newshosting $9.99 Deal

Newshosting accounts – retail pricing:
– XL Powerpack, unlimited, connections, SSL – $19.95/mo.
– NH Unlimited, unlimited, 30 connections, SSL- $14.95/mo.
– NH Lite, 50 GB/mo., 30 connections, SSL – $10.00/mo.

Newshosting NH Unlimited $9.99 monthly special:
Newshosting is offering their NH Unlimited account for $9.99 a month for life. It includes unlimited Usenet access, Newshosting client, 256-bit SSL encryption, 30 connections and 3,000+ days of binary retention for $9.99 a month. The discount is recurring so enjoy the savings month after month.

Newshosting NH Unlimited $99.99 annual special:
Newshosting is also offering their NH Unlimited plan for $99.99 a year for life. It includes unlimited Usenet access, Newshosting client, 256-bit SSL encryption, 30 connections and 3,000+ days of binary retention for $99.99 a year. Newshosting is currently including free VPN access with annual sign ups making their yearly plan the best value we’ve seen by far. The discount is recurring so enjoy the savings year after year.

NGR Tip: don’t get caught up in the number of connections offered with each plan. The NH Unlimited with 30 connections is plenty. There is really no need for 60 connections. We can easily max our 40 Mbps cable line with a handful of connections.

Newshosting has been around a long time and has a large customer base. They were the first Usenet provider to announce plans to upgrade binary retention back in 2009. Since then Newshosting has steadily raised retention to over 3,095+ days and continues to grow.

Members enjoy unlimited Usenet and their newsreader with built-in Usenet search. SABnzbd fans will appreciate the automated search feature. With all the added features, Newshosting is quickly moving ahead of other leading providers. Not too surprising given the quality and value of their service.

Newshosting offers 3,095+ days binary retention and 1,400 days text retention across 100,000+ newsgroups. You get full retention with all Usenet plans. Multiple server farms located in the United States and Europe (Amsterdam) enhance performance and reliability.

Newshosting offers high-speed access and an industry leading 60 connections with their XL PowerPack account. However, the NH Unlimited account includes 30 connections which is plenty. In fact we can easily max out a 60 Mbps connection using a handful of connections.

Newshosting Usenet Browser

The Newshosting Usenet Browser is a free download for members. Sign up for one of our specials to gain immediate access to the client. We really enjoy their newsreader. The user interface makes it easy to search for content and download. You can also preview files and look at thumbnail images. The reader automatically repairs and extracts the files as well. You can automate search to look for content on a regular basis for quick downloads.

Newshosting Usenet browser

You really want to try the Usenet browser for yourself to find out just how easy Newshosting is to use. You can use the built-in Usenet search engine to find content. From there you can preview or let the client take care of the full download. The image above shows our search results for “ubuntu”. We chose to filter the results to ISO images. You can also filter by audio, video, documents, software, or images.

After completing our search, we chose to queue up a 9.77 GB Ubuntu collection. The download took less than 20 minutes. As you can see we were averaging 7.72 MB/s. If you convert the Megabytes (MB) over to megabits (mb) the results show that we averaged a download speed of 61.76 Mbps which maxed our cable Internet connection. The Newshosting client will repair and extract the files so you won’t need WinRAR, 7-Zip, or QuickPar.

If you use the Newshosting Usenet browser then you will not need to enter any news server information. However, I know some will still use SABnzbd and other popular Usenet clients to connect. If you go with a third-party newsreader then you will need to enter the news server addresses. Here’s the information you will need to get set up.

  • News server address: news.newshosting.com
  • Default NNTP port: 119
  • Alternative NNTP ports: 80
  • Default SSL port: 563
  • Alternative SSL port: 443

That’s the default configuration options. They will allow Newshosting to determine the best server farm for your location. You can also set multiple news servers up in your favorite newsreader. We recommend setting US, NL. and DE server as follows:

  • United States news server address: news-us.newshosting.com
  • Netherlands server address: news-nl.newshosting.com
  • Germany server address: news-de.newshosting.com

Not to get too technical but IPv6 is creeping its way into the mainstream. Newshosting fully supports IPv6 connections. Here are the server settings for IPv6 connections:

  • United States IPv6 server address: news-us6.newshosting.com
  • Netherlands IPv6 server address: news-nl6.newshosting.com
  • Germany IPv6 servers address: news-de6.newshosting.com

Once again you won’t need to enter the news server addresses or port numbers if using the Newshosting Usenet browser. It does give you the option to connect using SSL. We enable SSL and still easily max our connection. Some people feel that SSL is overkill for Usenet but we don’t see any reason not to secure your connection when the speeds are so good anyway.

Newshosting VPN Client

Newshosting has added the option of VPN service. You can add VPN to any account or enjoy free VPN with our annual special. Members have access to over 360 VPN servers in 20 countries around the world. They include free software for Windows and Mac. You can connect on up to two devices at a time. Newshosting doesn’t record, monitor or store logs of your VPN activity. They allow all traffic on the network including VoIP and P2P.

Newshosting VPN

Newshosting members with VPN have access to servers in 20 countries. The VPN network has over 360 servers with several servers in popular locations like London, Amsterdam, Sydney, New York and several more cities in the United States. You can use the Windows or Mac client to connect to VPN servers in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and US.

Newshosting provides knowledgeable 24/7 technical support. Their site also has a useful FAQ section including server connection details and alternate ports. Newshosting also offers a video tutorial series to help get you started. Though with the new Newshosting client there isn’t much need for instructions. A username and password is all you need.

Bottom line – Newshosting provides a high level of service and reliability. The added features and special pricing helped them earn a 2017 Editors’ Choice award. Newshosting has a nice client with built-in Usenet search and automation features. Included free with the service. We use Newshosting on a regular basis and highly recommend the service.

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