Android Newsgroup Downloader

Note: Android newsreader was last updated on June 16, 2007. We assume the software hasn’t been updated since then.

Android home page:

Android newsreader details:
– Drag-and-drop NZB file support
– Support for importing of NZB files
– Up to 10 simultaneous connections supported
– Support for secure Usenet (SSL encryption)
– Multi-newsgroup Search
– Privacy options to delete unwanted search histories, etc
– Header per group limit for dealing with servers with huge retention
– Auto-shutdown and Auto-Exit
– Newsgroup quick-select filters
– Message reader and poster
– Request wizard
– Attach files to posts
– Multi-part file posting capability
– Skinned Interface
– Throughput-o-meter
– Advanced chooser filter dialog
– Ability to classify downloads by full newsgroup name in addition to short newsgroup name
– Queue statistics to show total bytes downloaded, remaining, etc.
– Bandwidth counters
– Filename extension filter
– Large queue window for big queue manipulation jobs

Operating systems support:
– Windows: Yes, not sure of versions (reader last updated in 2005)
– Mac: No
– Linux: No

– Android retail price: $29.95
– Registering offered 10% off making the price $26.95

Tech support:
– Email support

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