Astraweb Special

Astraweb Special

Astraweb is currently offering quarterly discounts on both their unlimited 10 Mbit and unlimited DSL plans.  This will help you save some money but you will need to pay for three months of Usenet service up front.  The plans will recur at the same cost for each billing cycle.  They also have block plans ranging from 25 GB up to 1000 GB.

Astraweb ReviewAstraweb offers over 2,600+ days binary retention along with unlimited downloads and free SSL. They offer servers in the US and Europe and up to 20 simultaneous connections for unlimited plans.  Their blocks support up to 50 connections.

Astraweb recurring plans:
– unlimited DSL – $15 a month (no speed limit)
– unlimited DSL – $39 for 3 months (no speed limit)
– unlimited 10 Mbit – $10 a month (10 Mbps rate limit)
– unlimited 10 Mbit – $20 for 3 months (10 Mbps rate limit)

The Astraweb Unlimited specials include:
– Unlimited Usenet access
– 10 Mbps speed cap for the unlimited 10 Mbit plan
– No cap on download speed for DSL plan
– 2,600+ days of binary retention
– 1,095 days of text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– Over 85,000 newsgroups
– Server farms in the US and EU
– 20 simultaneous connections
– Free SSL encryption

Astraweb block accounts:
– 25 GB – $10
– 180 GB – $25
– 1000 GB – $50

The main difference between the block accounts is that they do not expire.  You pay for a block up front and use it until depleted.  This differs from their unlimited accounts which are billed on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Blocks also come with up to 50 connections versus 20 with their unlimited accounts.

No need for any discount or coupon code. You can visit the link below for more details and to sign up. We also have a Usenet specials section if you would like to compare the latest deals from leading Usenet providers.

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