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August 2013 update: a long time Bubba News user contacted us recently. Apparently the service is no longer in operation. The news servers are no longer responsive and emails to their suppport and help addresses are bouncing. The user mentioned that billing was still active so be careful not to pay for the service if it’s no longer in business.

Note: Bubba News offers very little information regarding their service on the web site. For this reason we recommend looking elsewhere.

Web site:
– http://www.bubbanews.com

– unknown

Plan types:
– metered Usenet

Service details:
– Binary retention: unknown
– Text retention: unknown
– Completion rate: unknown
– Number of Newsgroups: unknown
– Simultaneous Connections: unknown
– Server Farms: US
– SSL Encryption: unknown

Pricing plans:
– 25 GB/mo. – $19.90/mo.
– 20 GB/mo. – $15.95/mo.
– 15 GB/mo. – $12.95/mo.
– 10 GB/mo. – $9.95/mo.
– 5 GB/mo. – $6.95/mo.
– 2 GB/mo. – $4.95/mo.

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