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In our opinion NewsBin Pro is one of the best Usenet newsreaders around. What makes it such a great choice among all the newsgroup reader options out there? There are several reasons including ease of use interface, features, compatibility, bandwidth utilization and file support.

NewsbinThe first thing that will draw you to NewsBin Pro is its easy to use interface. The company has put a lot of attention into optimizing their user interface and the results show. So many newsgroup readers offer great technology at the sake of the user interface. NewsBin offers an excellent mix of features inside an easy to use package.

Next we’ll discuss some of the features. NewsBin Pro offers an embedded image database and viewer, built in Rar processing, download prioritization, automatic header updates,as well as yEnc and NZB file support. Want to download posts from multiple servers? NewsBin Pro will download files from a single news server or multiple news servers simultaneously and reassemble them as you go. When downloading image files you can place them in their own database for storage and future searching as well as preview image thumbnails while they download. Download prioritization allows you to always get the most important files first. With the MP3 organizer you can use MP3 ID3V2 to organize your music files by artist and album. The software also supports SSL encryption to make sure all the data downloaded or posted between your computer and the news servers is encrypted as long as your Usenet provider supports SSL as well. For more information on Usenet providers that support SSL visit our Editors’ Choice list.

Does your Usenet provider allow concurrent connections? If so you can easily program each news servers connection limits as well as download limits. This is quite helpful for metered newsgroup accounts.

Are you running a dual core system or 64 bit operating system? If so NewsBin Pro is optimized to support both dual core processors and offers a 64 bit version. They added support for 64 bit environments and the performance is fabulous. They also support up to 100 connections.

Bottom line – NewsBin Pro has everything you need to provide an excellent Usenet newsgroup experience. With their long track record you can expect the product enhancements to keep coming.

NewsBin Pro recently lowered the price from $50 to $30 for a lifetime subscription to software releases (including betas) plus 12 months of Newsbin Internet Search. Which is an excellent Usenet search engine built into the Newsbin Pro client. It really helps find newsgroup content.

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