NewsDemon Review

NewsDemon Review

NewsDemon has been in the Usenet industry for a long time and are known for offering fast, reliable newsgroup access. Extra features like VPN and Newsbin Pro combine to make NewsDemon a great experience. Choose from a wide range of unlimited, metered and non-expiring block accounts.


In addition to their every day low prices, the team at NewsDemon is offering our visitors a series of specials. These include unlimited Usenet + VPN for $11 a month, unlimited Usenet without VPN for $9.99 a month, or 150 GB of Usenet for $8.95 a month. Here’s a look at our NewsDemon specials:

NewsDemon NGR Specials

You will notice a red box around the last three accounts. The Veteran, Gold, and Platinum accounts are all offered at a special price for our visitors. It really comes down to usage. If you don’t download much then the Veteran (150 GB) plan is a good value at $8.95 a month. Those who download more will want to look at the Gold (unlimited) plan. Want to add VPN access? If so then the Platinum plan is a great value. It includes unlimited Usenet and VPN for $7.50 a month for the first three months, and then $11 a month thereafter.

NewsDemon has a wide range of block accounts. These are best used as a backup or for fills. Their blocks range from 10 GB up to 1000 GB. They are non-expiring plans that can be shared until the block is depleted.

NewsDemon offers 2,900+ days of binary retention. Text retention tops 1,265 days. Even more important is their completion rate. We tested several downloads and found completion to be very high across multiple newsgroups. That doesn’t mean that NewsDemon is immune to DMCA requests. We only mention this because some users think that their Usenet provider is having completion issues when posts are removed based to DMCA requests.

Members have access to NewsDemon server farms in both the U.S. and Europe. You can use up to 50 connections. Multiple server farms and 50 connections is well suited for high speed broadband users. Just be aware that using too many connections will negatively impact your performance. I recommend you start with around 10 connections and add a couple at a time until you hit the desired download speed.

NewsDemon Extra Features

Earlier I mentioned that NewsDemon offers extra features. Let’s take a closer look at the extras. For starters, all NewsDemon members receive a free Newsbin Pro key and a week of free Usenet search. After the trial ends, you can continue using Newsbin Pro. The Usenet search feature costs $2.50 to $5 a month depending on your usage.

NewsDemon partnered with SlickVPN to offer members access to their service. While a VPN isn’t necessary for Usenet, it’s a great way to protect your online privacy. Not all VPN’s are created equal. We’ve tested SlickVPN several times over the years. While we prefer some other clients, the SlickVPN service is fast and reliable. You can connect to a number of countries. When you consider the price difference is only $1 a month, the VPN is almost a free add-on.


NewsDemon offers 24×7 live support. They have always been responsive to our requests. This is nice as we’ve had issues getting a response from Astraweb on the weekends. In addition, NewsDemon has a blog where they share news realted to Usenet and the occasional promotion.

Bottom Line – NewsDemon has a lot going for them. They offer a wide range of Usenet accounts along with VPN access. This is a good combination for those who want to download from Usenet and protect your privacy while performing other activities online.

We would like to thank the NewsDemon team for offering our visitors a discount. Our favorites include the Gold (unlimited Usenet) plan for $9.99 a month and Platinum (Usenet + VPN) for $11 a month. You will not need any coupon or promo code. Simply click on the button below to save.

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