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Usenet + Free Extras:
1. Newshosting - $9.99
2. UseNetServer - $10.00

3. NewsDemon - $10.00

Usenet-Only Specials:
1. Easynews - $9.95
2. ThunderNews - $9.95
3. Astraweb - $11.00

Annual Usenet Offers:
1. Newshosting - $99
2. UseNetServer - $95
2. ThunderNews - $96

1. Easynews - 10 GB
2. Newshosting - 30 GB
3. UseNetServer - 10 GB

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Newsgroup Commander Review

Newsgroup Commander

- Can be used online / offline
- Header downloads support
- Search posts by keyword
- Export articles to Excel
- Different download options
- Newsgroup Commander: $50

Newsgroup Commander 9.05

Newsgroup Commander Newsreader download:

Newsgroup Commander Pro newsreader makes tracking down the topics of interest on usenet easier. The newsreader searches multiple newsgroups to find the information that you interested in with its Search and filter technology. You can filter search results by using multiple keywords to include/exclude keyword filters. The search feature will scan the subject and article text when doing its filtering. Newsgroup Commander pro also allows you to post messages to Usenet so that you can communicate and discuss with your fellow Usenet users. Newsgroup Commander Pro Newsreader allows you to use the software in an online or offline mode. Once you download the articles from the newsgroups, you can review them by looking at each individual article. When downloading articles from the newsgroups, you can tell the newsreader to only download new articles or just download all the articles. You can view the messages in the same window as the software or click on the article to open it up a new window.

If you are interested in testing this newsreader, make sure you have a quality Usenet provider.

Operating systems support:
- Windows 95/98/200/XP/NT

Free trial:
- Available

- Comes with a free trial but to register the newsreader software comes at the price of $49,95. The Newsreader is eligible for an extended download warranty. This means that for an additional cost, the company will keep a back up copy of the digital setup files in case you need to download them again.

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