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Note: OnlyNews offers very little information regarding their service on the web site. For this reason we recommend looking elsewhere.

Web site:
– http://www.onlynews.com

– news.onlynews.com

Plan types:
– metered usenet

Service details:
– Binary retention: unknown
– Text retention: unknown
– Completion rate: unknown
– Number of Newsgroups: unknown
– Simultaneous Connections: unknown
– Server Farms: US
– Ports: 119, 7501
– SSL Encryption: unavailable

Tech support:
– email support: support@onlynews.com

Pricing plans:
– 1.5 GB/day – $19.95/mo.
– 750 MB/day – $11.95/mo.
– 250 MB/day – $7.95/mo.

Payment options:
– Credit card, money order

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