40tude Newsreader

Note: the 40tude website was last updated in February of 2005. We assume the software hasn’t been updated since then.

40tude40tude home page:
– http://www.40tude.com/dialog/index.htm

40tude newsreader details:
– Unicode support
– Color coding
– Extremely customized GUI
– Multiple server support
– Multiple identity support
– Multiple background threads
– Spell checker
– Email support
– Scripting support
– Advanced scoring and filtering capabilities
– Support for binary posting
– Custom sorting, filters and view
– Import/Export of messages
– Crosspost management
– Support for tag lines (newsgroup descriptions)
– Spoiler character and ROT13 support
– User glossary
– Address book
– Bookmarks
– Fully customized keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures
– X-Face support
– Signatures

Operating systems support:
– Windows: Yes, not sure of versions (reader last updated in 2005)
– Mac: No
– Linux: No

– 40tude is free to download for personal use. According to their site they accept donations via PayPal. For commercial users the cost is $59 for a single user license.

Tech support:
– There does not appear to be any support function available.

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