About Newsgroup Reviews

The goal of Newsgroup Reviews is to give everyone the opportunity to learn about the benefits of Usenet. The sheer volume of knowledge, information and ideas available via newsgroups provides us all vast opportunities.

Newsgroup Reviews started from my own frustrations over the lack of information available online. In researching the web I found very few sites offering information on Usenet services. Most were either outdated or lacked quality. To this day most sites cover a handful of services with banners flying everywhere.

The site has been built from the ground up by a handful of friends with a passion for newsgroups. We try our best to deliver accurate, quality information on Usenet services and newsreaders. It started with providers in the US and has since spanned the globe with information on over 100 services. The site is now viewed by over 75,000 visitors a month.

An area that I believe has helped us grow and maintain quality content is our refusal to accept advertising or sponsorships. Income for maintaining the site is generated by a handful of affiliate arrangements with tier-1 providers and quality resellers. We have been approached with opportunities for sponsorship or advertising on the site. While we appreciate the offerings the site will continue to grow without the strings that such sponsorships bring with them.

The newsgroup community has led our growth by providing the feedback necessary to continually improve the site. In 2015 and beyond we would like to bring Newsgroup Reviews to viewers around the world by continuing to expand our current offerings. If you have suggestions for the site please let us know. We rely on your feedback for continued improvements. Email comments or suggestions to feedback (at) newsgroupreviews.com

We're here to help you find the best Usenet provider. Along with some great Usenet clients and search options.