Acute Vision 2005 Review

Acute Vision home page:
– Software is available from

Acute Vision newsreader is a software created for the purpose of downloading binaries. It’s slick and stylish interface is designed to download binary files- pictures, audio files and video from the binary newsgroups. The interface is based on the windows explorer design so its familiarity will help users navigate through all its options much easier. The thumbnail viewer interface will allows users to organize and rank downloads. Not only is Acute Vision a good Usenet browser, it also great with single part binary files such as picture files. It has a built-in image viewer/editor and a slideshow viewer that is packed with tons of options. One cool feature we really liked is the Quick Hide feature. Let’s say you are looking at pictures at work, if you here someone coming, click that Quickhide button and it will conceal all windows.

Acute Vision Newsreader also has multipart binary support. It will automatically decode and reassemble your multi-part binary files. The Newsreader also supports all encoding formats- yEnc, Uuencode and MIME. This newsreader software has a good knowledge base as it comes with a configuration wizard and detailed tutorials that make this newsreader very easy to learn and use. If you are interested in learning more, please sign download the free trial of the software and also sign up for a free Usenet trial.

Operating systems support:
– Windows

Free trial:
– Free 15 day trial

– Comes with a 15 day free trial or 15 uses
– Acute Vision 2005 version 5.2 – $24.95
– Purchasing the software gives you access to any future versions
– Note: the last release (2.15) came in February 2005

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