AllPicturez Newsreader Review

AllPicturez home page:
– Software is available from

There are millions of single part binary files that are on the newsgroups. Tens of thousands of new single-part binaries are uploaded daily. Many of those binary files are picture files. If you are interested in exploring these picture files in the newsgroups, AllPicturez Newsreader is the tool to use. AllPicturez filters out spam and text in these newsgroups to only display the picture files by downloading only the articles that contain picture binary files. The newsreader offers a thumbnail view, zooming of pictures and other basic image editing features.

Allpicturez added a new feature in their latest version of the newsreader that supports the use of multiple Usenet News servers. In case your provider is missing a few files, you can switch to another Usenet provider and check their server for the file. Another new feature for AllPicturez Newsreader is that it now supports customized thumbnail sizes- this is useful if the picture does not fit the picture view so you can determine the size of the thumbnails or turn them off.

Operating systems support:
– Windows 95/98/2000/NT

Free trial:
– Free 15 day trial

– Comes with a limited free trial – download 10 pictures per group
– AllPicturez version 1.2 – $34.95
– Note: the last release (1.2) came in June 2001

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