Astraweb Special

Astraweb is currently offering their unlimited DSL accounts for $11 a month, $15 for two months or $96 a year for life. The normal price is $15 so the special will save you between $4 and $7.50 a month. This is a lifetime discount so keep the same low price for as long as you keep the account. Cancel anytime without penalty.

Astraweb Review

Astraweb offers over 2,400+ days binary retention along with unlimited downloads and free SSL. They offer servers in the US and Europe and up to 20 simultaneous connections.

Astraweb Special:
– Unlimited DSL account – $11 a month
– Unlimited DSL account – $15 for 2 months
– Unlimited DSL account – $96 a year

The Astraweb Unlimited DSL special includes:
– Unlimited Usenet access
– No cap on download speed
– 2,600+ days of binary retention
– 1,095 days of text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– Over 85,000 newsgroups
– Server farms in the US and EU
– 20 simultaneous connections
– Free SSL encryption

No need for any discount or coupon code. Visit either of the links above for more details and to sign up. Each links takes you directly to the special page on Astraweb’s site.

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