Binary Boy Review

License options:

  • Binary Boy costs $24.95
  • Free trial offered

We will start the review with an exert from the Binary Boy site:
“Binary Boy is a yEnc and NZB compliant Usenet newsreader that makes newsgroup downloading fast and convenient. Downloading a file is as easy as a double-click. Downloading all similar files, such as a complete RAR set, takes only two clicks. Binary Boy handles the details, such as retrying after a dropped connection.”

That paragraph sums up the software pretty well. Whether you are downloading headers or using NZB files Binary Boy will support your newsgroup downloads. As for NZB file support you can import NZB files directly into the queue for downloading.

If you happen to be on dial up then you will like that Binary boy can dial out to your ISP to handle dropped connections. Even if you use a high speed connection there will be times when you lose connection to news servers. Binary Boy can handle these issues as well.

Preview while you download. You can also use a feature called Dr. Binary in cases where you are unable to find all the pieces to a file. It will try to piece together what you have into a complete file.

Other features include the ability to automate and schedule searches, filter newsgroups, and easily organize your files.

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