Binverse Review

Update: Binverse discontinued service in 2012.

Binverse offers Usenet access along with their own newsreader. The Binverse client allows you to search for content and download from Usenet from Windows or Mac. Along with repairing and decompressing the resulting files. Accounts include free SSL, and unlimited downloads from $8.98 a month.

Speed and availability – Binverse offers up to 12 connections and server farms in the US and Europe. They advertise that you can download as fast as your Internet connection allows and we did. Our connection caps out around 40 Mbps. Binverse offers up to 12 connections to help you get maximum speeds. The client also allows you to set a speed limit in case you want more bandwidth for other activities.

Binary retention is over 1,014 days and growing. With the newsreader searching the full 1,014 days of retention. A very nice feature! The service supports over 100,000 newsgroups with a 99%+ completion rate.

Security and privacy – Binverse offers free SSL encryption with all accounts. To enable SSL you simply check a box in the client. According to the Binverse FAQ they go further in protecting your privacy by never selling your personal information, not tracking your downloads and encoding all uploads.

Newsreader – the Binverse client software is free to subscribers. It is one of the best newsreader’s we’ve had the opportunity to test. The software includes a built in search engine that allows you to search using multiple engines including BinTube, Binsearch, Newzleech, NZBMatrix and more. Other highlights include built in RAR / PAR support and easy file management. You can download the latest version of the free Binverse client for Windows or Mac OS during sign up.

Free trial- the Binverse free trial is 60 GB over 3 days (unlimited downloads at 2 Mbps for 3 days plus 10 GB of uncapped speed). The trial also includes access to the Binverse Usenet client.

Pricing plans:

Premium Unlimited:
– Unlimited / Uncapped – $29.98 a month
– Unlimited / Uncapped – $99.90 for 6 months
– Unlimited / Uncapped – $179.76 for 12 months

Value Unlimited:
– 35 GB uncapped + unlimited 2 Mbps – $13.98 a month
– 35 GB uncapped + unlimited 2 Mbps – $65.88 for 6 months
– 35 GB uncapped + unlimited 2 Mbps – $107.76 for 12 months

When you sign up for the Binverse free trial you will choose between wither the monthly or 6 month Premium Unlimited accounts. Once logged into the site you can easily switch to any of the accounts listed above. Including the discounted term plans.

Payment options – Binverse accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Tech support – Binverse offers 24/7 phone, email and online support. Simply visit or call 866-440-2997 for support.

Bottom line – Binverse offers solid Usenet service at an affordable price. The Binverse software compares favorably to other top newsreaders. Take advantage of their 60 GB free trial and decide for yourself.

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