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First a little background on the new feature. Easyboost is a web acceleration feature that gives Easynews customers increased download speeds. More specifically it uses a combination of software and purpose-built servers to optimize the TCP-IP throughput for downloads.

Did you get all that? If not don’t worry about it as we’re about to jump into our own testing and results. Just remember that the feature is free to current Easynews customers (and new customers for a limited time) and increases your download speeds.

Activating the Easyboost Feature

To activate Easyboost log in to the Easynews site and then visit:

Here you can read over the Easyboost FAQ (source of information above), launch the Easyboost Tester, choose whether or not to activate Easyboost and which method you would like to use (this will make more sense after reading our test results below).

NGR Easyboost Testing Results

As a result of running the Easyboost Tester we were able to increase our speed on a Comcast cable connection from 4.3 Mbps up to 8.34 Mbps with the Boost 4 method. That’s an increase of over 90%.

Here are the detailed results of our testing:
– Speed before Easyboost: 4.37 Mbps
– Boost 1: 5.10 Mbps
– Boost 4: 8.34 Mbps
– Boost 5: 2.23 Mbps

For us the Boost 4 method was the clear winner with a 90% increase in download speed.

According to the Easyboost FAQ the following items are accelerated:
– New indexes
– Global search
– Par viewer downloads
– Zip manager list links to individual files to download
– Thumbnails

For more information definitely read over the Easyboost FAQ. The FAQ is only available to customers so if you don’t already have an account sign up for the 14 day free trial and let us know what you think of Easyboost (Twitter: NewsgroupRevs).

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