EasyBrowser Newsreader Review

EasyBrowser newsreader highlights:

  • Cached search results
  • Integrated download manager
  • UnRAR auto extraction
  • Load saved Easynews searches
  • EasyBrowser is free to download


EasyBrowser homepage:

EasyBroswer Newsreader application was created for on-the-go Easynews customers. This simple and easy to use Newsreader application allows Easynews members to search and download content from Easynews Newsservers with their android device. The android newsreader application is free but you must have an Easynews account. (Easynews offers a free 14 day Usenet trial).

EasyBrowser comes with a search feature that has many useful options. The app allows the user to cancel long running searches. The software also caches search results which will increase navigation performance over time and also limit bandwidth use if you are not on Wi-Fi (visit vpnsp.com to learn how to secure your internet connection). In addition to caching searches, EasyBrowser newsreader app for android comes with different view options. The app will cache images to improve performance. To make the Easynews Newsgroup user experience more efficient, it comes with an integrated download manager for background downloading. So while you read emails on your android device, your phone can also be downloading from Usenet .

EasyBrowser android application for Easynews allows the user to launch a Zipmanager URL from application. Once a file is downloaded, the Usenet browser will show you the download location of the files or article set. Since the app integrates with the Easynews service so well, it will also load your saved searches on the Easynews service. If you are an on-the-go Usenet enthusiast and need access to Usenet from your Android device, you may want to look at EasyBrowser. It may the mobile Usenet solution for you.

Operating systems support:
– Android

– Go to the Android Market to download the newsreader application

– Free version has some ads. Paid version of application has no ads (coming soon).

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