Eternal September

Eternal September highlights:

  • Free access to text groups
  • Text-only Usenet access
  • More than 60 peers
  • Read / write access
  • Formerly
  • Register free of charge

Eternal September

Web site:

News server address:

  • (port 119 NNTP, 563 NNTPS)
  • (port 80)
  • (port 443 NNTPS)

Plan types:

  • text-only Usenet access (no binaries)

Apart from de.* (including de.alt.dateien.*) carries the Big 8, alt.* (approx. 8000 groups, no binaries) and several regional hierarchies (more than 200). A list of available hierarchies can be found here.

Retention is currently 2 years for de.*, 160 days for the Big 8, 130 days for alt.* and 90 days for other hierarchies.

External September news servers all up to 4 concurrent connections.

Registration is free as is access to test newsgroups. Note that if you leave an account inactive for 180 days it will automatically be cancelled. Connecting to the server resets the inactivity counter.

Contact information:

  • email: wolfgang (at)
  • ICQ: 335794777

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