EZ Global Search Newsreader Review

Ez Global Search client highlights:

  • iPad, iPhone or iTouch Client
  • Supports keyword Searches
  • Filter filetype or date range
  • Compatible with EN Global Search
  • Save searches, SSL supported
  • Official Easynews mobile app

EZ Global Search

EZ Global Search download page:

EZ Global Search Newsreader is a great Usenet browser made for any iPad, iPhone, or iTouch. It’s easy to navigate user interface allows ipad or iphone users to search the newsgroups for interesting articles and discussions. The newsreader is even easier to configure as it only asks for a username and password for your news server. Inside the configuration, it gives you simple to use access to Easynews’ Usenet service. To use the EZ Global Search Newsreader, all you have to do is enter the topic of your interest into the search field. Within seconds you will have many results returned. You can use the filtering option to define a better search as well as change the search result display so that you can more easily sort through the results. The software also includes ZIP manager support and thumbnails in your search results. Thumbnails are also supported. The Zip manager tab allows the user to easily view their queued files. The software is so easy to use that it recently became the official 3rd party app of Easynews.com.

Operating systems support:

  • iPhone, iTouch, iPad


  • $2.99 – price includes all future updates for the application. Purchase now at this introductory rate.

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