EZ Usenet Newsreader Review

EZ Usenet Android app highlights:

  • Android Newsreader application
  • Shazam and Soundhound
  • Supports keyword searches
  • Built-in download manager
  • NZB, Zip Manager support

EZ Usenet Android app

EZ Usenet homepage:

EZ Usenet Newsreader is a useful client application for Android devices. You can download it for free but it is a limited version allowing the user to access it for 14 days and comes with advertisements. Purchasing the unlock key will remove all advertisements and give you the full version of the newsreader.

The application allows you to search for your subject of interest on Usenet via your newsgroup provider. EZ Usenet was specifically designed for Easynews Usenet Services . You can perform searches by entering in the subject into the search bar. You can also filter your searches by file type. Advanced filtering options allow you to go as far as filtering by date, size of the file or by newsgroup. Depending on the type of file, the newsreader application will return detailed information about the file.

EZ Usenet will also give you the ability to specify where you would like to download the file and also extract or unzip the file for you. The application also supports NZB files and integrates well with other NZB apps such as SAB control. If you have an android device and want to keep up with your interests on Usenet, you should definitely check out this tool.

Operating systems support:

  • Android


  • Go to the Android Market to download the newsreader application


  • $1.49 for the unlock key. EZ Usenet Newsreader gives you a 14 day trial that also includes ads. Purchasing the unlock key will remove the ads and give you the full version of the newsreader.

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