Forte Agent Newsreader

Forte Agent newsreader highlights:

  • Import / export NZB files
  • Header compression
  • RAR / split file processing
  • Image previews / zoom
  • Multiserver support
  • Forte Agent Setup Guide

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Forte Agent home page:

Forte Agent newsreader details:

  • NZB support: allows user to import/export NZB files.
  • Header support: Yes. Also allows user to download headers 10 times faster (Header Compression)
  • RAR / PAR support: Built in RAR & split file processing
  • Text and Binary Support
  • Image Previewer: Allows user to preview images in the newsreader or in their own preview window. Also able to adjust size of image- Zoom, etc.
  • SSL encryption: Supported
  • Multiserver support: Yes. Agents uses concurrent connections to single or multiple servers and prioritize downloads. If one server does not have article, it will automatically failover to another server.
  • Customizable Interface: Allows you to organize folders, remembers your folder/tabbed window state, tabbed windows allow for easy access of all open windows, etc.
  • Attachment Folders: Allows you to select where file attachments are saved
  • Email Support: Supports Internet email, multiple email accounts (POP) and send email using multiple SMTP servers.
  • Route By Identity (RBI): Agent’s mail client allows for easy filter setup. Drag and drop the message to create filter rules rather than creating complex rules/filters.
  • Address Book
  • Junk Filters

Operating systems support:

  • Windows: 32 and 64-bit support
  • Mac: No
  • Linux: No

Free trial:

  • Free 30 day trial


  • Forte Agent 6.0- $29.00
  • Upgrade to version 6.0 (Registered users)- $19.00.

Installation and setup:

Tech support:

  • Support pages
  • FAQ’s
  • Online support forum
  • Email

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