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Giganews offers a premium Usenet service with plenty of extras.  Their Diamond and Platinum members also have access to VyprVPN and Dump Truck.Giganews partnered with Golden Frog to offer the extra services.  Members get the extra layer of privacy protection offered by a VPN along with secure online storage.  VyprVPN is also a good solution for unblocking websites in other regions of the world.


Giganews is more expensive than other leading Usenet providers so you’ll need to decide if the extra features are worth the cost.  If you already pay for VPN and online storage, or plan to use the services then Giganews is well worth the price.  However, if all you want is unlimited Usenet access then I would suggest you compare Giganews to our other top 10 Usenet services.

In December 2009 Giganews partnered with Golden Frog to offer VPN access. The service (VyprVPN) is included with all Diamond and Platinum accounts. Diamond members can connect on up to two devices at a time using OpenVPN, L2TP, or PPTP protocols.  You also have access to their Chameleon protocol which helps users get around firewalls in more restrictive countries like China.  Diamond members can use VyprDNS, their managed DNS service and are protected by their NAT firewall while connected to the VPN.  The Diamond plan also includes 30 GB of secure online storage.  Keep your files backed up and securely share them with friends and family.

Giganews has their own Usenet client called Mimo.  The software has its own built-in search engine to help you find newsgroup content of interest.  You can use Mimo to find content, prioritize downloads, and verify / repair the files you pull off their servers.  If you already have a favorite Usenet browser like SABnzbd, Giganews supports third-party newsreaders as well.

Giganews is fast. Speed use to be more of an issue than it is now a days. As we can max a 40 Mbps line with a number of services. Giganews Diamond plan allows up to 50 simultaneous connections. With news servers located in the US and Europe. Those who download headers can also download their Giganews accelerator software.

In the past Giganews charged $5 a month for SSL access. In the Fall of 2010 they updated pricing to include 256-bit SSL encryption with all accounts. A nice addition as almost everyone includes SSL.

Giganews offers a variety of plans ranging from unlimited downloads down to 5 gigabyte a month. Here are the details of each account:

Giganews offers these plans with 2,367 days of binary retention:

  • Diamond: unlimited, SSL, 50 conn., VPN, Mimo, 30 GB – $29.99/mo.
  • Platinum: unlimited, SSL, 20 conn., VPN, Mimo, 5 GB – $19.99/mo.
  • Silver: 50 GB/mo., SSL, 20 connections, Mimo, 5 GB – $14.99/mo.
  • Bronze: 10 GB/mo., SSL, 20 connections, Mimo, 5 GB – $9.99/mo.

Giganews offers these value plans with 30 day binary retention:

  • Pearl: 5 GB/mo., SSL, 20 connections, Mimo, 5 GB storage – $4.99/mo.

Giganews support is responsive. According to their site they have customers in over 180 countries and therefore offer 24/7 support with a low average response time on support tickets. They also offer a customer satisfaction survey for every support incident.

Bottom line – Giganews offers a premium service at a premium price.  I highly recommend their service to those who plan to use all the features.  Their Diamond plan is being offered at 50% off for the first three months so you can enjoy unlimited Usenet, privacy protection through VyprVPN, and 30 GB of secure online storage from just $14.99 a month to get started.

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