Grabit Review

GrabIt newsreader highlights:

  • NZB file support
  • Built-in Par / Rar processing
  • Usenet search available
  • Download multiple articles at once
  • Supports multiple servers
  • GrabIt Seup Guide


GrabIt newsreader is a very solid choice and the fact that its free makes it very popular. Most people think “free, whats the angle?”. Grab It makes its profit from their Usenet search services as well as Usenet access plans. Neither are required to use the software. We would suggest you start using the newsreader and pull in NZB files for downloading. In time take a look at their search accounts which allow unlimited Usenet searches within GrabIt for $2.49 a month. This way there’s no need to go find NZB files elsewhere.

Now on to the features:

  • Browse newsgroups without downloading headers
  • Search newsgroups without downloading headers (monthly fee). This gives you the ability to find exactly what you want and download it without having to waste time with headers.
  • NZB file support. Double click your NZB file and the content will start downloading in GrabIt.
  • No more checking files after download. GrabIt will automatically attempt to repair damaged files.
  • Grabit will automatically extract files once the download completes to save time and effort.
  • Up to 8 concurrent connections. Download up to 8 files at a time.
  • If you need more bandwidth while downloading you can pause Grabit. When you resume it will pick up where you left off.
  • supports multiple news servers and providers simultaneously
  • Post articles directly to newsgroups.

Visit for more information and to download GrabIt.

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