Hellanzb Newsreader

Hellanzb newsreader highlights:

  • Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Mac OS X
  • Full control of download queue
  • Automatic server failover
  • Par2 / Par verification and repair
  • UnRar, join split files
  • Hellahella web interface

Hellanzb home page:

Hellanzb newsreader details:

  • Downloads and processes posts simultaneously
  • Process files in the background while downloading
  • Control queue on the fly – arrange, stop, pause, continue, force
  • Supports multiple servers and automatic news server failover
  • Hellanzb allows you to setup bandwidth throttling
  • Automatically verifies and repairs using Par2 / Par files
  • Automatically Unrar’s files and can handle multiple Rar sets
  • Automatically joins split .ts files and similar files
  • Can be setup to delete file after they have been processed
  • Supports NZB msgid’s from Newsbin
  • Hellahella web UI with one click downloading from Newzbin
  • Several web interfaces, extensions, downloaders, etc. available

Operating systems support:

  • Windows: No
  • Mac: Yes (Mac OS X)
  • Linux: Yes (Ubuntu)
  • FreeBSD: Yes


  • Hellanzb 0.13 – Free download

Tech support:

  • Online support form

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