Just4Today.net – Free Usenet Access

Just4Today.net offers free Usenet access. Though the service is very limited you can enjoy free Usenet downloads. To do so visit Just4Today.net for the latest username and password. Note than each changes on a daily basis so you will need to visit the site often. According to the Just4Today site the username and password are normally updated somewhere between 9:00 am and 10:00 am. We’re not sure which time zone they are referring to though.

Limitations of Just4Today free Usenet:
– You really can’t complain about limitations when the service is free. Yet you need to know what to expect from the Usenet service. Just4Today allows you free access to their news server – news.just4today.net – and up to 2 connections. Meaning your download speed will definitely be limited. Along with a limit of around 10 days of binary retention. So if what you’re looking for is within a week and a half old your good to go. Otherwise Just4Today isn’t going to have it.

How to sign up for Just4Today:
– there is no need to sign up for the service. Simply visit Just4Today.net for the username and password. Which changes on a daily basis. We didn’t see any support information listed on the site but then again you aren’t paying anything so if it doesn’t work just seek an alternative.

Alternatives to Just4Today:
– it really depends what you’re looking for in a Usenet provider. There are several leading services offering unlimited Usenet access with days of binary retention for under $10 a month. A number of them also offer free Usenet trials to allow new members to test the service. For those seeking long-term free Usenet you might check with your ISP. As a few still offer free newsgroups. Again though check for limitations.

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