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NewsgroupDirect (NGD) offers an assortment of unlimited and metered newsgroup plans. With fourteen monthly plans and a range of term discounts they cover the spectrum. High retention and completion rates, 50 connections, US and European server farms, free newsreader and exceptional support are highlights of this popular and fast growing service.

NewsgroupDirect reviewBinary retention – NewsgroupDirect offers 2,500+ days binary retention which is right in line with other top Usenet providers.

Text retention – is nearly 4 years long enough? NewsgroupDirect holds text posts for 3,000+ days. We use text groups to track a number of technology related topics. The long retention rate comes in handy for finding answers to our ever growing list of questions.

Completion – we have noticed completion rates are high well past the advertised retention rates.

Speed – we maxed out a 20 Mbps cable connection over long periods of time with the unlimited, 50 SSL connection plan. This includes the download of binary files as well as headers.

Privacy – Newsgroup Direct protects your security by offering SSL with all plans. The unlimited download account includes SSL. Metered accounts offer SSL for $2 a month. NGD does not track downloads or share customer information.

Pricing plans–this is an area where NewsgroupDirect shines. They offer unlimited accounts as well as metered monthly and non-expiring block plans. The metered accounts range from 20 to 60 GB a month. Those looking for metered access can grab 40 GB for under $12 a month or 60 GB for $15 a month. They also offer a 50 GB block account. We suggest you try their unlimited account which includes SSL and connections. The cost is normally $20 a month but using our NewsgroupDirect 20% off coupon code you can enjoy unlimited access plus 30 GB of secure online backup for $16.00 a month.

Extras – all Usenet accounts include a free copy of News Rover. Accounts also come with free posting and headers which is of interest for metered customers. Metered plans can also be recycled meaning you can start your next billing cycle early if you need more bandwidth.

Control panel highlights – easily track usage, change personal or billing information, and recycle metered accounts in the control panel.

Support – NewsgroupDirect online support is the best we have seen. Their support center reminded us of a few large web hosting providers. The system allows for live chat as well as ticket submission. We submitted a ticket with our normal question regarding alternate SSL ports. An email came immediately with our ticket number and login information to check status. We never had a need to check status as our answer came back within 10 minutes. The support area also provided a good knowledgebase, troubleshooting area and the latest Newsrover download.

Bottom line – NewsgroupDirect offers a lot for the price. High retention and completion rates, reliable broadband speeds, US and European server access, free newsreader and exceptional support make NewsgroupDirect a great choice. Make sure to use our 20% off NewsgroupDirect coupon code to enjoy a 20% lifetime discount on Usenet access.

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