Newshosting Client Review 2021

Newshosting offers members a premium newsreader free of charge. Use the Newshosting client to search Usenet, download, repair and extract content. Better yet you can sign up for one of their current specials and enjoy unlimited Usenet access for $9.99 a month or $99 a year.

Newshosting Usenet clientNewsreader installation / setup – the Newshosting client is very easy to setup. Your welcome email will include a link to the free download. You can also log into the Newshosting site and download the client from the control panel. With Windows, Mac and Linux versions. Once downloaded you simply install the client. Everything is pre-configured so all you need is your username and password the first time the client launches.

Searching newsgroups – the Newshosting client has a built-in Usenet search engine. Kind of like Google for newsgroups. Simply enter a subject of interest. The newsreader will search across days of binaries and return the best matches.

Preview / download – preview before downloading. A great feature that helps save time and bandwidth. From there you can easily queue downloads and let the Newshosting client do the rest. If you want bandwidth for other purposes you can limit the connection speed. We personally prefer the fastest downloads possible and Newshosting easily maxes our 25 Mbps connection. Even with SSL enabled.

Repair and extract – with the Newshosting client you no longer need Usenet tools like QuickPar, WinRAR and 7-Zip. As the newsreader will automatically repair files when necessary using available PAR files. Once the archive is complete the client will decompress (unRAR) the resulting files. All without any effort on your part.

Advanced features – while the Newshosting client comes pre-configured you can flip the switches on a number of features. Starting with SSL encrypted downloads and alternate ports. Limit connection speed or set the number of connections used. Along with Usenet search providers including Binserarch, Nzbindex and Nfonews.

Comparing Newshosting – We enjoy quality Usenet clients and the Newshosting newsreader holds its own against other top browsers like Newsbin Pro and Newsleecher. The difference is that the others cost $30 a year for client plus Usenet search. While Newshosting offers both free of charge to their members. Enjoy unlimited Usenet for $9.99 a month.

Bottom line – We enjoy downloading with the Newshosting client and highly recommend their service and newsreader. The integrated Usenet search is excellent for finding subjects of interest. Being able to preview before downloading is also a big plus. Thee Newshosting client takes care of any necessary repairs (using PAR’s) and decompresses (unRAR’s) the resulting files. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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