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NewsLeecher reviewNewsleecher newsreader details:
– NZB support: Yes. Import, export or use SuperSearch results.
– Header support: Yes. Option to cache old headers for performance
– Sample headers: Option to grab latest headers
– RAR / PAR support: Yes. Repai’n’Extract feature takes care of both
– Usenet Search: SuperSearch feature supports 1,050 days retention
– SSL encryption: Supported
– Multiserver support: Yes. Supports unlimited news servers
– Fill server: Configure a server for only fills
– Multithreading support: Supports up to 99 connections at once
– Server prioritization: Supported
– Virtual newsgroups: Yes.
– Set download speed: Yes you can limit download speed
– Schedule downloads: Yes. Also pause and schedule resume
– Auto PC shutdown: Supported

Operating systems support:
– Windows: 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista
– Mac: Yes, with Crossover
– Linux: No

Free trial:
Free 14 day trial (download NewsLeecher)

– NewsLeecher only – $19.99 a year
– NewsLeecher & SuperSearch – $29.99 a year
– NewsLeecher + SuperSearch subscription – $2.99 a month

Tech support:
– Online support form
– FAQ section
– Forum

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