Newzbin Review

Newzbin highlights:

  • Considered the Google of Usenet
  • Search 240 days of binaries
  • Volunteer “Editor” maintained
  • Reports make things simple
  • Watchdog – email notifications
  • Free and premium options

Newzbin overview:

Newzbin is the reason NZB files exist. The site was the original and deserves the respect they’ve earned from the Usenet community. If you are new to NZB sites then consider Newzbin to be the Google of Usenet newsgroup search. Newzbin volunteers, also known as “Editors” make the site great. Want to keep an eye out for a particular topic? If so check out the watchdog feature. It will email you when a report matches your keywords.

Not to be confused for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you will need to download from Usenet. Newzbin will help you find what your looking for across millions of newsgroup posts without downloading headers. Along with the report function, you can also search individual binary files back 240 days.

Free Newzbin features:

  • Customer support
  • IRC channell access
  • Search Newzbin reports
  • Search Usenet files
  • Search NFO’s
  • Site preferences
  • Site themes
  • Newzbin reports view
  • Customizable Newzbin reports retention
  • View report details

Premium Newzbin features:

  • All the free features
  • View report header subjects / file names
  • Download report NZB (Message-ID) files
  • View / Download NFO files
  • Watchdog – our favorite feature!
  • Usenet files view
  • Customizable files retention
  • Download custom NZB (Message-ID) files
  • Bookmarked reports
  • Exclusion filters
  • Custom grouplists
  • Private messaging
  • View comments
  • Post comments
  • Vacation freeze

Newzbin premium account cost:

  • 30 British pence a week
  • Around 60 cents a week USD
  • Around 35c EU a week
  • Around 60c Canadian
  • Minimum sign up period is 4 weeks

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