Newzleech Review

Newzleech highlights:

  • Free anonymous Usenet search
  • Search 600 days of binaries
  • Browse individual newsgroups
  • Save personal site preferences
  • Advanced search / browse
  • RSS feeds updated every 20 min

November 14 update: is down. Visiting the homepage brings up a message that simply says Newsleech is no more :(. Whatever happened to the site we wish them the very best. Visit our Usenet search section for alternatives.

Newzleech features: gives you free access to 600 days of binary newsgroup posts. The Usenet search engine also allows you to browse specific groups and even offers RSS feeds. Not to be confused for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you will need to download from Usenet. Newzleech will help you find what your looking for across millions of newsgroup posts without the need for downloading headers.

Advanced search options:

  • Search by group or all newsgorups
  • Min age – 1 to 600 days
  • Max age – 1 to 600 days
  • Min and max file size

Advanced browse options:

  • Browse posts by newsgroup
  • Min age – 1 to 600 days
  • Max age – 1 to 600 days
  • Min and max file size

How to use Newzleech:

Search for your subject of interest. Once you find the binaries select the files by checking the box to the left of each one. After all files are selected click the “Get NZB” button to download the associated .nzb file. You can also click the down arrow icon to the left of any file group to download the associated NZB file. Then open the file into your newsreader. Depending on how your Usenet client is setup you may be able to simply double click the .nzb file and have to automatically open up and download the contents.

How to use Newzleech RSS feeds:

Newzleech lets you setup your favorite RSS feed reader and keep informed of when posts of interest are made or when specific groups receive new posts.

Newzleech feeds are updated every 20 minutes or so. The RSS feed feature is free but don’t abuse it. There is a limit of 10 search terms per IP adress. Going over will land you on a temp banlist.

Newzleech RSS feed variables:

  • n = Number of posts to check. Max 80, min 15
  • g = Groups to search. Defaults to all groups
  • s = Search term. Replace spaces with +’s

Newzleech RSS feed examples:

  • Example 1 – to track new postings that match the term “Ubuntu”
  • Example 2 – To track new posts to alt.binaries.test

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