Nzblord Review

Highlights of Nzblord:

  • Web-based NZB downloader
  • 700 days of binary retention
  • Free trial is small – only 10 MB
  • Download speeds up to 15 Mbps
  • No contracts, pay as you go
  • Unlimited Usenet $18 a month

Nzblord Review

Nzblord is unique and sets itself apart from other Usenet providers. First of all the service doesn’t require a newsreader client. Instead you simply go to their URL –, sign in and search for Usenet content via their newsgroup search engine – FindNZB. After finding the desired nzb file Nzblord will prepare the content. Then you can download it from your web browser as a zip file. Very simple for those new to Usenet.

We’ve had a few visitors ask how Nzblord compares to Easynews. The comparison is understandable since both services are web-based but really they couldn’t be more different. Where Easynews includes in-depth features like file previews and direct access to files. Nzblord keeps it simple and instead just downloads based on the the nzb files you upload or find via the built-in FindNZB search engine.

We had a chance to test Nzblord and were impressed with how easy the site was to use. Especially for a beta. You can tell the Nzblord team has put a lot of time and effort into the project. We were able to search for a Unbuntu distrobution, let Nzblord prepare the file, download the zip and extract the archive (without need of repair) in about 20 minutes.

For those who would like to test Nzblord they offer a free trial account but to be honest it isn’t enough for most Usenet users to get a feel for the service. As the free trial is limited with the resulting zip capped at 10 MB. Unless you’re downloading pictures 10 MB isn’t going to get you far.

Nzblord offers a number of premium accounts. The first level is called ‘Lamer’, LOL you have to appreciate the name. With 100 MB zip file size limit we certainly wouldn’t recommend the ‘Lamer’ account. The ‘Advanced’ account is better with 2 GB zip size limit. Except the ‘Advanced’ plan is only good for 7 days so we would have to go with an unlimited account. Especially for those who want higher speed caps.

Here is a summary of the unlimited traffic Nzblord accounts:
– Driver: 30 days, 5 GB zip / nzb limit, 10 Mbps – $18.45
– Aviator: 60 days, 6 GB zip / nzb limit, 12 Mbps – $34.35
– Astronaut: 90 days, 7 GB zip / nzb limit, 15 Mbps – $48.55

As for tech support we never needed any help while testing Nzblord. I would guess that with the web-based functionality there aren’t many support tickets. However we checked the site and there is a support form available. Along with a phone number on the contact page. Not to say they offer phone support but having contact info is a good sign.

Bottom line – We enjoyed testing Nzblord and look forward to seeing the project progress. As we understand NzbLord will be starting to support SSL in the near future. The only knock we have is that the free trial is too limited. Otherwise the service is good. Using a web browser to find content and download without a client is nice for those new to Usenet.
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