Pan Newsreader

Pan Newsreader highlights:

  • Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu
  • Supports multiple connections
  • Supports non-standard ports
  • Handles multiple news servers
  • Supports NZB file downloads
  • Pan is available free of charge

Note: the last beta release of Pan was August 1, 2008 so we’re not sure the newsreader is still under development. There is also no mention of whether or not Pan supports SSL encryption.

Pan home page:

Pan newsreader details:

  • Support for Unix based operating systems, Mac OS X, Windows
  • Sort articles by author, date, subject, and more
  • Pan supports multiple newss servers
  • Pan also supports multiple connections to each server
  • Article headers cached to faster loading
  • Images can be viewed inline
  • Pan task manager – reorder, cancel, restart downloads
  • Supports non standard NNTP ports
  • Connect to multiple news server simultaneously
  • Pan supports NNTP authorization


Operating systems support:

  • Debian
  • Fedora Core 6
  • Gentoo
  • Mandriva
  • Maemo
  • SuSE
  • Ubuntu (Breezy, Dapper and Edgy)
  • Ubuntu Fiesty AMD64
  • Windows


  • Pan 0.133 – free download

Tech support:

  • Email support:

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