Pure Usenet Review

Pure Usenet is a European provider that offers a wide range of plans based on your desired connection speed. With download speed caps ranging from 4 Mbps for €2,29 a month up to 60 Mbps for 6,29 a month. Those wanting the very best performance can go for the XXL unlimited speed plan for 8,29 a month. Try the service for 7 days free.

Pure Usenet

Unlike some other European Usenet services Pure Usenet doesn’t require you to connect from an IP address in a specific location to sign up. That means regardless of where you are located they are open to users around the world. You’ll offer a wide range of payment options including bitcoin.

Binary Retention
– Pure Usenet provides 1,100 days of binary retention across 120,000+ newsgroups.  You’ll find their completion rate to be right in line with other leading European Usenet providers.

– we cap at 40 Mbps which is below Pure Usenet. They offer unlimited Usenet downloads at speeds ranging from 4 Mbit all the way up to 60 Mbit. With several speed options in between and an XXL plan with unlimited speeds. Tiered plans include 4, 8, 20, 30 and 60 Mbps caps.

Connections – Pure Usenet includes between 4 and 12 connections with their plans. The number of connections is based on which speed tier you choose. You only need enough to max your ISP allowance. For example Pure Usenet can more than max out a 60 Mbit line with 12 connections.

Security / Privacy
– PureUsenet.nl members can connect using 256-bit SSL at no additional cost.  We highly recommend using SSL via port 563 to help protect your privacy while downloading from newsgroups. They also add an extra layer of privacy by allowing Bitcoin payments.

News Servers / Ports – Connect to their news servers for binary Usenet access using port 563 (SSL) or 119 (standard). As you might expect Pure Usenet hosts their server farm in Europe.

Support – Pure Usenet has an FAQ page on their site to help you with a few common questions. Otherwise you can contact them by email at support@pureusenet.nl for any technical assistance you may need.

Pricing plans and speed caps

– Pure Usenet XS – 4 Mbit – € 2,29 a month
– Pure Usenet S – 8 Mbit – € 3,29 a month
– Pure Usenet M – 20 Mbit – € 4,29 a month
– Pure Usenet L – 30 Mbit – € 5,29 a month
– Pure Usenet XL – 60 Mbit – € 6,29 a month
– Pure Usenet XXL – uncapped – € 8,29 a month

In addition to the prices listed above they offer discounts on quarterly, six month and annual terms. Visit our Pure Usenet special page for details.

Payment options – members can subscribe to the service with a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard), iDEAL, Bitcoin and Paysafecard.

Bottom Line
– Pure Usenet offers a nice mix of retention and plan selection. We like their wide selection of accounts and 7 day free trial. If you need a European provider with even higher retention take a look at Eweka. Otherwise I suggest you test out Pure Usenet.

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