QuickPar Review

QuickPar highlights:

  • Repair damaged RAR files
  • Create PAR2 files
  • Available in 10+ languages
  • Par2 / Parchive / Parity files
  • Cost: free (donations accepted)
  • QuickPar User Guides

QuickPar is a popular program used for checking and verifying data files. It is also used to reconstruct or fix damaged data files. Like RAR formatted files. QuickPar is designed specifically for Windows operating systems.

QuickPar features:

  1. Create PAR2 files
  2. Create split versions of source files. Split into exact multiples of original file size
  3. QuickPar can verify a volume archive
  4. Repair a broken RAR file or reconstruct a missing RAR file (given that you have enough PAR files)
  5. Delete PAR2 files after a successful repair.

QuickPar is currently available in several languages including Dutch, English, Danish, French, German, Swedish, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, and Norwegian.

QuickPar can open RAR files and Par 2 files. Par2 files are known as Parchive or Parity files. Par2 files are usually uploaded along with the regular data files/RAR files. If you are missing certain RAR files or downloaded a damaged or corrupted RAR file, you can use the Par2 files to reconstruct the damaged archive or missing files. You can use QuickPar to check whether you have the complete file by opening the Par2 file that was uploaded with the original RAR files. If you are missing files and need to reconstruct the complete archive make sure you have enough Par2 files to complete the process.

QuickPar can also be used to create Par2 (PAR version 2.0 specification) also known as parity files/volumes. These Par2 file will help repair or reconstruct broken or missing RAR files. QuickPar uses the Reed Solomon Algorithm to create parity files.

You would use a program like QuickPar when you download a particular file that has parts missing or corrupt/damaged. With a reliable Usenet service you won’t need to repair files often. Even so the time will come when you come across damaged files. Sometimes parts of a file are damaged or do not propagate to Usenet correctly and do not get uploaded during the posting process. At one time or another, every user has experienced it. This is when QuickPar comes in handy.

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