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theCubeNet has built up a good reputation by offering their members regular promotions. Keep an on our blog along with theCubeNet site for the latest offers. Their block accounts are especially popular. We like the service for their mix of high retention, SSL encryption, free newsreader and the choice between unlimited and block plans at a good price.

theCubeNet reviewtheCubeNet offers around 2,500+ days of binary retention and growing. With 1,095 days of text retention across 100,000+ newsgroups. We tested a Ubuntu distribution that was around 1,500 days old and didn’t have any completion issues. All their plan types support the full retention.

theCubeNet news server information:
– US Secure server farm –
– EU Secure server farm –
– US Standard server farm –
– EU Standard server farm –

They offer the following port settings:
– Secure ports: 563, 80, 81
– Standard ports: 119, 23, 443, 3128, 7000, 8000, 8080, 9000

We appreciate that theCubeNet offers free SSL encryption with all their accounts. Regardless of whether you choose an unlimited, metered or block plan. You can connect to either their server farms in the United States or Europe using SSL. Just make sure to enable SSL in your client along with choosing a secure server and appropriate port number.

theCubeNet offers a couple plans with 10 and 30 connections. A way for customers to save some money if they don’t need more connections. Otherwise all their accounts include 50 connections and free SSL.

You’re welcome to use your existing Usenet client with theCubeNet. If you don’t have one or would like to try something new then theCubeNet offers all members a free copy of News Rover. A nice $30 value.

As for Usenet plans theCubeNet has a wide selection. Starting with a few unlimited plans. In addition to some metered accounts and several non-expiring blocks ranging from 5 GB all the way up to 750 GB.

Here’s a summary of theCubeNet unlimited plans:
– Unlimited, 50 connections, SSL – $9.99 a month (Special)
– Unlimited, 30 connections, SSL – $10.99 a month
– Unlimited, 10 connections, SSL – $9.99 a month
– Unlimited, capped at 12 Mbps, SSL – $8.99 a month

Here’s a summary of theCubeNet metered accounts:
– 250 GB a month – $8.99 a month
– 125 GB a month – $7.99 a month
– 60 GB a month – $5.99 a month
– 30 GB a month – $4.99 a month

theCubeNet also offers non-expiring Usenet blocks:
– 5 GB block – $1.99
– 25 GB block – $6.99
– 50 GB block – $10.99
– 75 GB block – $12.99
– 100 GB block – $14.99
– 200 GB block – $19.99
– 500 GB block – $39.99
– 750 GB block – $59.99

theCubeNet also sells VPN accounts in partnership with OctaneVPN. They offer unlimited access to over 80 server locations across 30+ countries around the world. With up to 5 simultaneous connections.

theCubenet / OctaneVPN pricing:
– unlimited VPN access – $5.99 a month
– unlimited VPN access – $49.99 a year

Payment options are an area where the company shines. They offer the normal credit card payments along with PayPal and several crypto currencies including Bitcoin, LiteCoin, FeatherCoin and WorldCoin. Adding another level of privacy and anonymity to the service.

theCubeNet does not have a free trial but they offer all new customers a 48 hour money back guarantee. They have technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can submit a ticket on theCubeNet site or send them an email. They also offer a knowledgebase for FAQ’s.

We like theCubenet. They offer a nice set of features and a wide range of Usenet accounts. You can expect high retention, good performance and secure access from theCubeNet. We also appreciate that they offer members a free newsreader and optional VPN access. Once again check out our blog and their site regularly for theCubeNet promotions.

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