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Thanks to the ThunderNews team for offering our readers some excellent discounts. You can enjoy unlimited Usenet + VPN access for just $12.99 a month. If you don’t need VPN then enjoy an unlimited Usenet plan for just $9.95 a month or $96.99 a year.

ThunderNews DealThunderNews may not have the name recognition of some other companies but their services stand toe to toe with other top Usenet providers. Offering 2,500+ days of binary retention, 1,265 days of text retention, 256 bit SSL, a free newsreader and up to 50 connections.

ThunderNews hosts news servers in the United States and Europe. Members can download a free licensed copy of News Rover newsreader. It is included with the service. In addition you can connect to either server farm using several ports for standard and SSL connections.

Retention – Thundernews offers 2,500+ days of binary retention and 1,265 days text retention with all plans. As with other leading providers, they continue to grow retention each day. In testing we found the number to be better than advertised. That will take you back several years.

Newsgroups – Thundernews covers all the popular binary and text newsgroups and thousands more with over 107,000 groups available. With a completion rate well over 99% they have a very reliable network.

Speed – Thundernews has a server farm in the United States along with a European server farm. They offer up to 50 concurrent connections. Whether you connect to the US or Europe, you can use standard or SSL ports. With a number of alternate ports for the best performance.

Newsreader – Thundernews gives all subscribers a free registered copy of NewsRover with updates released regularly. You can also use your favorite client. We’ve tested SABnzbd, Newsbin, NewsLeecher and several others with the service. They all work just fine.

Support – Thundernews offers live online help as well as an online ticketing system. We checked their site over a weekend. On a Saturday night to be exact and their live support was available. That’s really nice. Especially for those just getting started with Usenet.

Pricing plans – Thundernews offers unlimited, metered and block Usenet plans. Payment options include credit card, PayPal and WorldPay.

Unlimited accounts:
– Unlimited Usenet + VPN – $16.99, $12.99 a month (Special)
– Unlimited Usenet – $21.99, $9.95 a month (Special)
– Unlimited Usenet – $200, $96.99 a year (Special)

The unlimited accounts are our favorites. Especially their Usenet + VPN plan for $12.99 a month. That’s just a fraction of what some other providers charge for that combination. For those just interested in Usenet access their $9.95/mo. and $96.99/yr. plans are also a good deal.

Metered accounts:
– 100 GB/mo. – $15.99 a month
– 50 GB/mo. – $13.99 a month
– 25 GB/mo. – $9.99 a month
– 10 GB/mo. – $6.99 a month

When we talk about metered plans we mean that they each have a limit on how much you can download each month. For example the 200 GB account listed above let’s you download up to 200 GB a month.

Block accounts:
– 1000 GB – $86.99
– 500 GB – $46.99
– 200 GB – $18.99
– 100 GB – $14.99
– 75 GB – $11.99
– 50 GB – $9.99
– 25 GB – $4.99
– 10 GB – $1.99

Block plans are different in that they don’t expire. At least ThuderNews blocks don’t expire. You can use them until depleted and then purchase another one. For example you can purchase a 200 GB block and use it until you’ve downloaded 200 GB of content. We still prefer unlimited accounts but the blocks are great for fills and as a a backup.

ThunderNews has a lot to offer. We definitely recommend their services. Once again we appreciate the special pricing they offer our readers. Our favorite account is their unlimited Usenet + VPN for $12.99 a month. For those who just want Usenet they offer unlimited access for $9.95/mo or $96.99 a year. You can visit their NGR specials page for all the deals.

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