ThunderNews Special Offer

Thanks to Thundernews for offering NGR visitors unlimited Usenet + VPN access for $12.99 a month for life. That’s an excellent price on the combination of unlimited Usenet and unlimited VPN access.

ThunderNews DealFor those who don’t need VPN service ThunderNews is offering their unlimited Usenet plan for 50% off. Enjoy unlimited Usenet access for just $9.95 a month or $96.99 a year. Either one is a good value.

To recap Thundernews is offering NGR visitors the following specials:

Both specials are recurring so enjoy the 50% savings for the life of your account. The special no longer requires a coupon code. Simply click on one of the links on this page to go directly to their NGR special page. From there you can choose from a complete list of discounted plans.

Here’s a quick summary of ThunderNews features:
– unlimited VPN access (for their $12.99 plan)
– unlimited, metered, and block Usenet accounts
– 2,400+ days binary retention
– 1,265 days of text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– 50 connections
– Free 256-bit SSL
– Free News Rover newsreader
– US and European servers
– 24/7 tech support

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