TweakNews Review 2021

Tweaknews is a Dutch Usenet provider headquartered in Haarlem, Netherlands. The service came into the spotlight when experienced Usenet users started turning to them for block accounts. The service became quite popular for fills. Tweaknews now has a custom Usenet client which has made their unlimited (flatrate) plans more popular. It is a great alternative for those who want to try a Usenet provider outside of the United States.


Tweaknews NGR Discount

We are excited to share a special offer from the Tweaknews team. The promotion includes unlimited Usenet downloads with an easy to use newsreader and VPN for just €7.50 a month. That’s an outstanding price for unlimited Usenet with a very high completion rate.

TweakNews pricing

Along with excellent completion and custom Usenet browser, there are a few other features that help Twekanews stand out. The first of which is binary retention. While many European Usenet providers are hovering around 1,800 days, the team at Tweaknews has continued to grow binary retention to over 4,200 days. Speed is another strength for the service. While most Dutch services cap speeds, the team at Tweaknews gives members several speed options including an unlimited plan that does away with any caps.

Retail Plans and Pricing

Tweaknews offers both flatrate and block Usenet plans.

TweakNews flatrate plans

As you can see in the image above, Tweaknews offers a number of flatrate plans. The difference comes down to the number of connections allowed and ultimately the speed cap. Since it’s sometimes easier to view information in a table, let’s take a look at each flatrate plan along with the limits. Note that the Ultimate plan includes unlimited speed and downloads. Along with the monthly prices you can save quite a bit with their term discounts.

In addition to flatrate plans, Tweaknews offers a number of block accounts ranging from 10 GB up to 500 GB in size. These plans are a good source for fills. You can use the block until it’s depleted. Speeds are capped at 100 Mbit.

TweakNews block plans

Payment options are the same regardless of which plan you choose. You can pay using iDEAL, Sofort, Giropay, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Tweaknews understands that you may want some time to test. You can test the TweakNews service for free. Sign up for their 7 day free trial and download up to 50 GB of newsgroup content to test the service. This will give you a good chance to test their software and NNTP servers.

Tweaknews Usenet Server Features

Several years of binary retention may be the norm for Usenet providers in the United States but that isn’t the case in Europe. There are several companies that limit retention to 1,800 days or less. That is not the case with TweakNews. You will have access to over 4,200 days of binary retention through the service. That’s almost 12 years of binaries.

We quickly covered performance earlier in our TweakNews review but let’s look at how to get the best possible speed when using the service. You will be able to use between 4 and 40 connections (referred to as threads on their website) depending on which plan you select. Let’s assume for a moment that you select the Ultimate plan which doesn’t have a speed cap. Instead of setting your Usenet client to 40 connections, test and see how many it takes to max your Internet connection and stop there. Using more connections than necessary will actually decrease your speed and use more computer resources.

Here are the details you will need to connect to the TweakNews NNTP server.

  • Hostname:
  • SSL ports: 563 (default) or 443
  • Non-SSL ports: 119 (default) or 80

As a member you can connect to their Dutch news server using SSL or a non-encrypted port. There is no extra cost for using SSL encryption. However it will impact your speed a little bit for the encryption. TweakNews does not keep a log of what you download from their servers so you don’t necessarily need to use SSL to protect your privacy. Those who sign up for the NGR special will also enjoy free VPN to protect your online privacy.

If you have questions getting set up then I suggest you start at the TweakNews website. They have a nice support section with answers to common questions. You can quickly get help setting up your favorite newsgroup software. understanding Usenet techniques, and make sure you maximize your connection speed. You can also submit a request to get assistance directly from the TweakNews support team.

TweakNews is our favorite Dutch Usenet provider. They have a lot to offer. Whether you want a flatrate account or a block for fills, Tweaknews is a great option. We appreciate the high binary retention (4,200 days) and unlimited, uncapped plan options. You can choose from a wide range of Usenet accounts. Regardless of your preferences, you can connect to TweakNews using SSL. We highly recommend the Tweaknews NGR special which includes unlimited Usenet and VPN access from just €7,50 a month.  I think you’ll be quite impressed by the completion rate and reliability of their servers.

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