Usegrab Review

Highlights of Usegrab:

  • Free web Usenet access
  • 1,300 days binary retention
  • Speeds capped at 5 mbps
  • File size capped at 5 GB
  • Files removed after 24-48 hrs.

UsenetUpdate: Usegrab has discontinued their Usenet service.

Web site:


News server addresses:

  • download via web browser

Plan types:

  • Free web Usenet downloads

More details on free access:

  • Usegrab is currently in beta which gives you the chance to test the site free of charge. There are a few limitations to be aware of as you start using the service. First speeds are capped at 5 mbps. Also the total size of files can not exceed 5 GB. Downloads are kept for 24-48 hours.

Service details:

  • Binary retention: 1,300 days
  • Text retention: binary-only
  • Completion rate: 99%+
  • Number of Newsgroups: 85,000
  • Simultaneous Connections: speeds up to 5 mbps
  • Server farms: not applicable – web downloads
  • SSL Encryption: No SSL encryption


  • online support form

Newsreader – web interface
Pricing plans:

  • Beta: free

Payment options:

  • Premium accounts coming soon

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