Special Offer highlights:

  • 2,400+ days binary retention
  • 3,000 days text retention
  • 99%+ completion rate
  • US & European servers
  • Up to 30 connections
  • SSL encryption available

Special offer – is currently offering 50% off your first month of unlimited Usenet access.

New customers can try at a deeply discounted rate for the first month plus a 10 GB, 5 day free trial. Let’s take a look at the account options:

Special pricing details:
– Unlimited downloads, 30 connections, SSL – $19.99, $9.99
– Unlimited downloads, 15 connections, no SSL – $14.99, $7.50

This deal does not require a coupon code. To sign up for the special simply visit the accounts page and choose your desired plan. You will also receive a 5 day free trial to test the service.

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