UseNetServer Special

UseNetServer offers 4,400+ days binary retention and 1,095 days text retention along with unlimited downloads and free SSL. They normally offer 10 connections for $14.95 a month or 20 connections for $17.95 a month. Right now you can save up to 60% a month on their top account.


UseNetServer Special:
– UNS Hi-Speed Plus (unlimited Usenet) – $10 a month
– UNS Hi-Speed Plus (unlimited Usenet + free VPN) – $95 a year

UNS monthly special – UseNetServer is currently offering their High-Speed Plus access for $10 a month for life.

UNS 1-year deal – UseNetServer is also offering their High-Speed Plus access for $59.85 a year for life. Which works out to $7.95 a month. UNS is currently including free VPN access with annual sign ups making their yearly plan one of the best values around.

The UNS Hi-Speed Plus special includes:
– Unlimited Usenet access
– No cap on download speed
– 4,400+ days of binary retention
– 1,095 days of text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– Over 85,000 newsgroups
– Server farms in the US and Europe
– Up to 20 simultaneous connections
– Free 256-bit SSL encryption
– 24/7 tech support

No need for any discount or coupon code. During the sign up process you can easily choose which UseNetServer account you would like. Visit the UseNetServer $10 a month or $95 annual sign up page.

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